Why does my SEO the failed ?

Optimizing search engines is a task that any business will have to take even a headache to work out solutions for improving the searh engine rankings. The theory is sometimes far from reality, sometimes even hundreds
of thousands spent the effort but the results are still the number 0. When this need to seriously look at some crucial before you can determine its next direction is. 

The question you should pose this is: 
1. What is your strategy? I have no metrics to measure its effectiveness? 

2. Their tactics have the gap or whether any mistake?Sometimes mistakes seemingly simple technical error in the cause unpredictable consequences for the company's SEO campaign. 

3. The competition of who he is? Their strength to where? The strategy that they use like? Its competitiveness is how much? 

4. To revise the keyword strategies she had used and oriented in the first phase began a campaign: Will the keywords you select are consistent with current trends do not? Does the keyword was not aimed at the target customers? The effect of traffic from the search results anywhere. How you incorporate keywords into website content is effective? (Read more about: Tips to optimize post search engine) 

A good SEO campaign should not only be a start and a perfect preparation, but must be accompanied by a method of monitoring, maintenance and upgrade regularly to not only improve efficiency but also pointed out the wrong mistakes and lessons to do SEO. 

These tools can help you: 
  • Google Analytics: to monitor the overall whole, and the source website / traffic / access efficiency. 
  • Free Monitor for Google: help you track changes in the ranking of the website for certain keywords.
  • Google Insight for Search: helping you find the trends of each specific keyword .
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tools: to help you know the search traffic of a specific keyword 
  • Google Search, Bing and Yahoo search: help you estimate the number of search results that you have to compete to gain ranking for keywords you are looking for.