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When it comes to making money online who does not know the name Google Adsense?. But to successfully make money online with Google Adsense you need some tricks to get the highest sales. This article we will discuss where to place Google Adsense ads for Blogger best.

Google Adsense is Pay per click advertising network (Pay-per-click ads), so you have to place ads in public places attract the most clicks turns you get the highest income. 

1. Google Adsense ad code placement  best - Placing ads on Header
Normally the blogger wants to earn more advertising revenue from their own blog they usually use the Blogger Template header is divided into two parts. Part 1 contains the logo or title of the blog. Part 2 contains the banner size is 468x60 or 728x90 common. This position accounts attracted 50% of visitor arrivals click here for downloads is the first place that visitors encounter is, for those who are looking for information, they will click on the ads.

A similar position is that full banner positions just below the blog title, this position is usually the size of 960x90. But bloggers rarely choose to advertise in this position for code adsense Template blog advertising will not be good for much.
2. Google Adsense ad code placement  best - Placing ads on the right sidebar

This is an ad placement ever tradition. Advantage when placing ads on the right sidebar of diverse sizes such as: 336x280, 300x250, 250x250, 200x200, 160x60. With generous dimensions, the display of information relating to advertising will stimulate visitors click on the ads to find information. And according to his date at the ad placement is achieved is 60-70% click rate / per visit.

3. Google Adsense ad code placement  best - Placing ads in the article
Placing ads in article 2 is located in the middle of placing posts (468x60) or on the top of the article (336x280, 300x250, 250x250, 200x200). According to several players, the Google Adsense click rate comment at paragraph two positions is relatively high 90%. The advantage of it is that when visitors can not find the desired information in your article they tend to look for new information to meet their needs so it is easy to click on ads.

4. Google Adsense ad code placement  best - Placing ads in the footer
Placing ads in the footer but does not detract from the aesthetics of the template, but this position were very few clicks on the ad. However, Google Adsense us put up to 3 banner ads on a page, so we should take advantage as much as possible to earn extra income. Common size for ad placement is usually 300x250 or 960x90.

Or if you join a network other than Google Adsense ads, you should take advantage of this location to hang a banner in the form of CPM (Cost per mille - 1000 views view Pay by advertising). This is also a way to increase your advertising revenue from your blog.

5. Google Adsense ad code placement  best - Epilogue
Posts are little experience I shared with you are oriented or Google Adsense to make money blogging. Can not post or when it is presented by an amateur blogger like me. But if you like to re-post it on the blog or website, please indicate the source Adsenseco regarded as a spiritual encouragement to the author. Or you have more kindness please click ads on the blog to blog on how to develop and help her get motivated to write more quality articles. I thank you and wish you successful body and health.