Standard SEO tools from Google Free

Google now offers many tools for web users in many different fields. The array of web design, web development is also resistant to 10 free SEO tools that are useful for the webmaster to apply online ad strategy on Google. 

Below is a list of 10 free SEO tools from Google that the webmaster should: 

Google Webmaster can specify the link is broken, malware and other problems and find out what search queries to your site, even with clickthrough statistics. It even tests the speed of your web pages and tells you why your website is too slow. 

Google Analytics is a free Google service that allows creation of detailed statistics about visitors have visited a web page. It is a product of Internet Marketing in the world to face the world again with the webmaster and technical world in the web analytics industry is growing. 

With Google Website Optimizer, you can test different versions of your pages. This way you can determine the best conversion. 

Google Zeitgeist is not an instrument in the strict sense, but you can use it, but keyword research. In fact it shows the most common queries, it is a good starting point in your SEO campaign. 

Google Trends is a public web service of Google. It allows users to compare search results Google Search worldwide since 2004 

Google Insights for Search to search like Google Trends. You can look up most of the keywords here, even those who are not popular at all. Compare up to five keywords and then traffics of the website. 

This is a classic tool. On the picture marked "Adwords", but you can still find the number of visitors on a keyword you enter. 

With this tool, simply enter your keywords and click "Get keyword ideas", then you can review the information on keywords entered as well as related keywords, and keyword selection for your website. 

This tool is very neat and simple, it allows you to find keywords related to a web page or existing keywords or both. It also connects to Google Insights for Search is a very useful way. 

Google Ad Planner is a free tool that helps advertisers strategy. You can find more sites related to your visitors see the statistics on the number of users and related information of millions of websites around the world with this tool.

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