"Hummingbird" Recent Google Algorithm For SEO ( Google Webmaster )

Could make the bloggers upset a few days ago due to an update algorithms without notice, Thursday, September 26, 2013 , Google has officially announced its latest algorithm update named " Hummingbird . " .

Google Hummingbird algorithm itself has been running since about a month ago and affects almost 90 % of all Google search results , one of its effects is to make this blog drowned in the results for two more weeks .
" Hummingbird " Name Newest Google Algorithm
" Hummingbird " Name Newest Google Algorithm
" Hummingbird " is the company's attempt to match the meaning of the query with documents on the Internet , said Amit Singhal , a senior vice president and software engineer at Google Inc. .

Less is more if I interpret the intent of this latest algorithm objective is to compensate the evolution of the internet users frequently enter queries particularly complicated vocabulary - elusive new vocabulary such as " Heart of Controversy " and " unstable economy . "

Amit Singhal also said that this update is the largest update since the early days of Google Caffeine Algorithm year 2010.

Hmm , the more attractive , especially if seen look for the perpetrators of SEO . Is this a sign if SEO is dead ? I do not know ..