Optimization of internal links to match Google Panda

In a short time recently, SEO in the world community are facing the same situation keyword rankings drop dramatically, the amount of traffic from Google does not break down. Since Google Google Panda update version 2.2 (as Google is now Panda 2.4), a series of algorithms and filters changed to limit the sites that
duplicate content has a chance to appear on the SERPs, to bring the results useful and extensive users. 

A series of algorithms change, but in this article I will emphasize one factor that the Panda was last Google update, Google has stressed that this is one of the most important factors to help website rank high more. 

Optimize internal link 
Optimized content is very important if you want to rank high on Google Search Engine. Many people know their work is to optimize Title, optimized content, building backlinks ... but matters of internal links, the vast majority of people ignored or not well optimized elements this. (The website was falling dramatically in the Google update panda, he said, mostly due to weak internal links.) 

Why optimize internal links so important? 
Google does not consider internal links (Internal link) as bait, but if you learn how it works through Google you will find that links play an indispensable role in the Google algorithm. 
And as was typical Google update attributes Panda 2.4 internal links Google is raising far more importance and is one of the key criteria affecting the rankings. 

So we must do to optimize this part of the internal links? 
1. Optimal main navigation structure. 
Usually this will be the main menu of the website. Here make sure that the products / services / main keywords you have appeared on this, and avoid using the main menu is in flash (which Google does not like flash) 

2. Optimizes the breadcrumb 
When accessing the page, it will create the breadcrumb-style links like: 
Learn SEO> Tips> Optimizing internal links to match Google Panda 
Learning is part of SEO, SEO Tips have links to a list containing that article. Note the use of keywords in this breadcrumb. 

3. Only a link to a landing page is the 
In the first article, you can use the same one keyword, but each tag will link to a different page. 

4. The link level 
In a website we all levels as home page, category, article page details. Make sure that each page will satisfy a link on the level above. 
When your website Google algorithm downgraded by Panda, check the internal link structure slightly. 
The system does not see its Web site but also affect traffic tends to increase steadily after the update.