SEO - How is the best?

One of the most fundamental issues in technology SEO (Search Engine Optimization - SEO for the search) is to ensure that the site (the website) can easily access the Search engine. Not only home page indexed (index)
that all the pages in the search engine must be found.
Pages on the website usually contain the most important content of the website, such as information about products, services and other general information. This information is what the new owners want the customer website found through the search engine. This is vital in optimizing the site. 

There is much work to do to ensure your site is the search engine can find, but it is important first of all we must understand: The principle of searching and indexing by the search engine website such How? 

The search engines use "robots" (or known under other names such as "bots" or "spiders") to find content and information included in its phonebook. Each "robot" is a computer program (software) can surf (originally "Crawling") content of each web page via hyperlinks (hyperlinks). When the "robots" find a document containing the content of the listing of search engine, it allows the link next to continue searching and indexing. This shows the importance of the need to build a website with a perfect structure to several pages in which the index easily. 

The importance of website structure is also reflected in that, the search engine can judge what is the most important page in the entire website to rank and position in the Web site can be very influential the ranking results. Overall, the homepage is the most important page in the entire website - it is the highest grade materials and is always the focus of intense links the most important input. Here, the "robots" of the search engine giving off the page in three different links starting from the homepage. Therefore, the most important pages are on the road to the first link, then the less important pages. 

The next thing to consider is how to link to other sites. The robots of the search engine can just follow the link href characteristics of HTML language. This means that links in Flash, Java Script, Dropdown menu and the submit button can not be a choice of robots. The important thing is that this is the very characteristics of dynamic web pages. 

Thus, the best link is the common HTML links. It not only allows the robots to easily pass through the description with the phrase is also used to describe the contents of the site will link to - an important point in optimizing your web pages. 

A natural way to organize content for your website's content must be classified under different topics. Split products, services, information in the folder classification (categories) so that these aspects, the most important content should be directly linked from the homepage. A sitemap can be described as a page index, it is a list connected to all other pages in the site contains only one page. If you link to a sitemap from the homepage, the robots will have access to all the other pages in the site. Remember that the robot can not represent more than 100 connections in one page. So if your site is larger than you might consider could rigs spread out in several pages. 

There are many considerations when optimizing your website for search engines, and make your site can be accessed easily by the search engine will be the first step in the optimization process ban.Theo of the above tips will help your entire site can be accessed easily and help you can achieve high rankings and line extensions.

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