URL Optimization, Search Engine friendly for better search results

URL and URL optimization to be friendly with search engines

By default, WordPress name of the blog URL in a consecutive series of dynamic growth. Con incidents that are located right after the domain name and look like this: http://www.sampletools.tk/2011/07. With Google, this URL no sense. Google still has to use his spider to determine the contents of the article. Overseas Use this URL: http://www.sampletools.tk/2011/07/prime-loops-uk-funky-producer.html. With URL optimized for search engines, Google can easily identify the contents of your post. Opportunity for my articles appeared in search results of search engines is very high because I use
the URL optimized for search engines not to use dynamic URLs.

Enable friendly URL to optimize for search engines

To enable this, go to Options in the WordPress control panel and select Permalinks. You'll see four options for displaying your URL is: default (Defaul) The date and the name (Date and name based), by number (Numeric) and Elective (Custom). You can use the URL by date and name (Date and name based) or Elective (Custom) because that is most friendly to optimize for search engines. In my case, I use URL style Elective - this style will show the following URL with a domain name articles. The structure of the type selected Elective will be this: /% postname% /

Set the type of domain name priority

Most sites are open to two types of addresses. One such type of address is www: http://www.sampletools.tk and an address type without www as http://sampletools.tk.

In view of SEO (Search Engine Optimization - optimizing for search engines), you should use a domain name format and should stick with it. This way, if you do not have Google PageRank for sharing that with only two URL to a page. The easiest way is to sign into Google Webmaster Tools account and set the priority domains.

Preferred domain name is the domain name you want to use to index the pages in your site (sometimes it is considered the default). Can use a www URL-style or without www to point to your site. For example http://www.sampletools.tk and http://sampletools.tk. Preferred domain name is the domain name you want to use for your site on the search results.

When you specify the preferred domain name, it will help determine PageRank for your site more precisely.

Add to "301 Redirect"

After you have finished establishing the priority domain name, you must force people to use this domain name with a forward command 301. You do this by editing the file. Htaccess file in the root. I want people to use my URL in the form www. To do this, I open the file. Htaccess and add the following code:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond% {HTTP_HOST} !^(.*). sampletools.tk $ [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.sampletools.tk/ $ 1 [R = 301, L]

You must instead phamen.com with your URL. The question will turn up all the addresses to http://www.sampletools.tk form sampletools.tk .

Once you have a preferred domain name in a unique format, you also need to make sure that the link is in the same form it. If you have 10 sites link to your article in the form of a www and 10 links to other sites without the www it means you have to Google that the link 20 is linked to two different pages, not per page. The code in the file. Htaccess will ensure everything goes according to your mind, that is just the format preferred domain name you want.

Note: the transition. Htaccess file only works on Linux server with Apache Mod-Rewrite module enabled.