Google Plus has "limited " in China

Is there a dramatic ending to Google + in the Chinese market? Maybe this depends on how Google's management. 

Topics discussing most of this time is none other than Google +. When hundreds of millions of people still lack access to Google + services, the social network seems to have been "as difficult" in China. 

Google + is the latest blow in the fight Google's social network is very fierce. Perhaps that is why the Chinese have little sympathy with Google +. The "Great Wall" virtual limit the market penetration of China's big names like Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube. At present, China can still access Google + but with very slow speed. 

Access speed to international sites from China are falling a lot, especially Gmail. In China, you will lose at least 5 to 10 minutes to log into your Gmail account. That's when you're lucky. Many Gmail account in use in China was the hacker attack. 

Probably a wise strategy when making only slow down the speed significantly, making them difficult to access! To replace the foreign service had been "turned", China has switched the fake web site was developed for 1 billion people market. 

With a speed of "more than a crawl" for now, many people predicted the Google + complete disgrace just a matter of sooner or later. The relationship between Google and the Chinese market is not very good. So the rate is made difficult by Google + high. Of course, not the service's search tycoon also met this condition. For example, Google Buzz, now the service is still being used normally in the country billions of people. The reason it is allowed to exist because the number of people using too few. 

Currently the services of Google completely disgraced in China including YouTube, Blogger, Picasa, Google Maps, and more importantly, is Google Search, the ultimate weapon of giants! 

With a market share of more than 420 million Internet users, China is the destination "dream" of any company operating in any internet. But the control is much stricter in this market has made almost as playing their own domestic companies. The station has dropped Facebook facilitates Renren, an identical copy of the largest social networking world, the chance rose and owns more than 120 million users. 

If the direction of Google + like Facebook is a social networking became a hit, the outcome of the new project in China will be dramatic, much less what college rivalry. If Google can not manage the information shared on Google +, then their project will not have a chance to survive in China! "