Private in short link to Google Plus

Hi Google user .... 
Later we publicized the presence of social sites Craze Google Plus the tempo of its members last 2 months since the trial in July, there are several interesting breakthroughs that I got from 

Mr Matthew Siddall 

Who reported one dedengkotnya Google also gave me a link to the title 
it seems to make a shortcut link to the id we want to do this by clicking the link GPLUS trus follow the instructions / "Be who you want as an example the picture above. 
Pake Order: 
Click aja>> G Plus << NICK NAME column fill out the "NAME THAT YOU LIKE" In the column YOUR GOOGLE + ID to enter the Google ID plus your way to your id consisting of figures like the picture above also. Further left his ADD button press wait a moment for nick name all configured so that no name Double Nick Name, note could be 100 of them have the same nick name right ... Much remains to be learned in this Google social site, then I will invite to join Cyrcle temans me, any case still a little confused, he he he he click the link :

The other 150 are still available for the joint to me, he he he he ..... join with Jane and sharing the interesting trick Jane Smith let not confused to run applications plus .. :)
Greetings from me friendship . Quote: T SAID ANNUHSI