Google Plus affect how in SEO?

Impact on SEO by Google Plus, however, when it was quite vague and do not have an overview. 
SEO - Search Engine Optimization - is a tool necessary and indispensable to the Webmaster, especially e-commerce (internet marketing) - banking, communications, employment, business promotion, promotion
products etc. .. may see this as a technique, a real secret for each administrator, building a website or just make communication in order to optimize the website and improve rankings in the search list . SEO is a sub-field of marketing via search engines that the user is not aware of the importance as well as its impact to the search page. 
- Google + are now not simply add social networking to bring people together through sharing, chat and group activities. Ever since Google released Google + package for the SEO business and commerce are business focused and learn more than ever.

I. Affect the search results: 
- One of the other firms invited to try Google Plus - Ford Motor - after you register the trial once nearly 10.0000 follower and Google + of Ford Motor immediately jumped to page 5 in the search engine Google . 
- Social networks are increasingly proved an effective marketing tool, and so soon owning a Google account + has important implications for business 
Ford Motor participate in trials for corporate accounts 
Search results for Ford Motor Company 
II. Rank Sparks 
- Sparks is a collection of content to personalize the Google +. Users can choose the topic and then they will have a range of relevant content. SEO community trying to decipher exactly how a person can increase the chance to make their information on Sparks. Some say the process is like trying to stand in the top pages of Google News
- No doubt the influence of the Spark to Google Plus users in finding and tracking information of their concern. A new direction in promoting their brands.
III. The impact of the post on Google Plus to the search page. 
- Google showing public postings from Google +, making them always in search results, even when you're logged in or out of Google +. The display is customizable by keyword user used in the search results. 
- It's a definite influence of Google to the SEO and e-commerce. Although just released a short time but the impact of Google Plus, is not small, and I think in a very near future - SEO will switch to a new landmark with a huge potential market 
- This is a limited understanding of the influence of Google on SEO.