10 services Google death "useless"

Google announced closure of 10 services, including search services on social networks Aardvark, Google Desktop software, and security software for the web .... to shrink the business to focus on services that
In the announcement, Google vice president Alan Eustace called the move a "purification of the Fall." Since over as CEO in January, CEO Larry Page has conducted coordinated the activities of Google, death niche areas to invest in areas of greatest potential. Representatives of Google said the service cuts made by the strategy of the Page. 

"This will help users feel more simple and have the opportunity to experience a whole than on Google," Eustace wrote. "We will invest more resources to products that are influential." 

Some services were shut down this time as "products" from the acquisitions, such as Aardvark, search tools on social networks that Google acquired in 2010 for $ 50 million, and Google Web Security, a part in the takeover company Postini in 2007. 

A series of Google's services were "death" under CEO Larry Page. 

Pretty much the service was "death" had a spectacular debut.Fast Flip service enables users to read magazines, web-based newspapers have special attention at the TechCrunch50 conference in 2009. And in 2004 when the giant is launching Google Desktop, the application for PC that allows users to search files and documents on the computer, predict Google's technology would "oust" the traditional search features in Windows XP. 

Google also stop providing Google Pack, a collection of software tools to download; Google Image Labeler game helps users to label each photo on a Google search hinhanh be easier; Google Notebook, which allows the address using the short stick on the web URL and the personal notes in the document. 

Out of Service "lived" there Sidewiki, allowing users to review the content on the web; Subscribed Links help optimize the specific search results, and Google Maps API service for Flash. 

Earlier in June, Google announced plans to close the service Google Health, Google PowerMeter Services, Google Labs.1 week ago, Google also death photo-sharing site Photovine a week after launch.