Google quietly launched social photo sharing networking

Google has started launching a social networking service to share new images called Photovine. 
Although Google proved quite reticent about the social photo sharing service, but its quite interesting as users can snap photos with their phones themselves and then share them with the it works similar to the tweet on
Twitter. If you connect with others to use Photovine, you will see their latest pictures uploaded almost immediately when they have finished taking them. 

However, until now, those interested Photovine only opportunity to request an invitation to use the service's website. No signs will reveals Photovine boot time. 

Business Insider is the first newspaper to report on the has been launched. In addition to request an invitation, potential customers can view a video that Google service visualize how this works. 

Google just released a few small details about Photovine and declined to make any further comment when asked. 

"Photovine a photo-sharing services are built by some of the characters in Slide," Google said in a statement. Slide is social media companies are Internet search giant acquired in August last year, "Photovine is a fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people and share your world with others. " 

Photovine appear as soon as Google is testing and efforts to build service status for the new Google social network +.However, it is unclear whether the two services can be linked together or not. 

Google posted the video is that the characters are photographed with the iPhone. It clearly shows Photovine become an iPhone application. But the current application is not available on iTunes Photovine. And presumably, Google will soon Photovine to customers who are using phones operating on its Android operating system.