Manual removal of bad links with Google Disavow link tool - the new challenge for SEO

New tools will allow the website administrator to easily remove bad links , spam , or " touch pen " , which usually affects the ranking results for their site on the search engines .

Links are one of the most important signals that Google uses to rank web pages . By examining the links between pages , Google can calculate and draw conclusions about the prestige and importance of the site ,
the usefulness of the content of the site for users . This is the principle of PageRank , a firm of more than 200 signal used to determine the ranking of the website .
Since the PageRank tool is well known , it has become a target for spammers , and thus Google group administrator must constantly fight this problem through new algorithms are continuously updated as well as new guidelines .

Announced the launch at Pubcon conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday 16/10 last tool " disavow links " ( link removed ) is designed to help the site which had been warned by Google for actions based on spammy links " unnatural " . This tool is considered as a solution to " cure " eventually to handle the spam link - link bad or irrelevant can lower hierarchical ranking of the website on the search engine - the site administrator can not be controlled .

Jonathan Simon , an analyst at Google said in a post on his blog that " By removing the bad links directly , you are helping to prevent Google and the other search engines to your website " in sight " lower ranking in the future . you are protected image for your site , because users will no longer see the spam links pointing to your website again , and thereby to avoid hitting the price is not good for your website or business . "
Manual removal of bad links with Google Disavow link tool - the new challenge for SEO
When the solution to manually remove " link problem " is almost exhausted , the tool " remove " link seems to be a lifesaver for many useful websites . Administrators use tools will be required to upload a text file with the associated storage violations . Google will make note of the rest . You can use this tool at:

However, Google recommends that users be cautious when using this tool , especially when accidentally put a really good links to the blacklist . These links can be restored on demand , but this process requires a period of up to a few weeks and the impact on traffic to the site . Thus, giant predicted using this new tool can be limited .

In the post , Simon concluded, " If you are not sure about the operation of the tool and do not need to use the best , you should not take to it ."