How much would you pay to know about your future?

Does how much money you will pay for your future through? More importantly, if you see the future then you have to know the leverage advantage of it or not? Or are you looking to work in and the opportunity never came?

- Which is the sale of shares

- Real Estate Business

- Or take every opportunity to win, but then can not?

Wonder how many more opportunities will come your way? This opportunity would be the end of your note.

Each passing decade the emergence of large events. In the 70s of the previous century as a microwave, a VCR 80 years, 90 years as a computer. The chances of winning in the 80s became millionaires. The chances of winning in the 90s have become billionaires. What things do you think will happen in the next few years? When you see the future and how you have?

You will have 4 choices:

- Do doctors
- Do manufacturers
- Do retailers
An online affiliate business (Affiliate Marketing Online)

How cardiologist Dr, nerves, esthetician or cure mad style will definitely make time to get more money in the coming years. If you can afford private clinics open, if you can excel in all aspects compared to the state hospital. If you work in the motto "time is money".

Monday you do a Manufacturer's great career. If you have millions of dollars to invest in infrastructure, research methods, and transportation to and profit.

But retail is definitely a great opportunity. If you can sign a contract Distributors (distributor) Franchise (franchise). Working 7 days 1 week. Lo and advertising hoarding goods and personnel issues.

And finally as a Business Affiliate (Affiliate Business). This is probably a great choice for you to win!

In the past 3 decades the most money doing often interested in "Finding better distribution channels" rather than the production of goods concerned.

People like Jeff Bezos of father or father Prierre Omidyar all of them have a common feature that has been a distributor of business associates. In addition to finding the best delivery way they make sure consumers know that they are the new billionaires of the 21st century. Who earns more money from the business link. To bring people to new products and new distribution channels. They call this the business as fast as the speed of thought: much better products, better distribution, better opportunities. Why is that? For 1.5 billion people in the world are using the Internet and there is no way to stop them is (This number is always 20-25% growth per year).

They want to look for information, looking to buy the product better, cheaper and more convenient ... It is important that they are willing to buy anything that suit their purpose. Over the next year consumers will spend more money to purchase services on the internet. From about 500 billion dollars per year today will reach the one trillion dollars annually.

Are you ready? When I read this to mean that you have been connected to an opportunity, an affiliate business model (Affiliate Business) services on the internet. "It has been proved and confirmed success". A model that you can work at home, overtime, need very little investment, no staff, and no matter that you have a headache as the traditional business model. An online business programs take advantage of the spare time you can give a few million to hundreds of millions every month.

Imagine Bill Gates in 1982 began looking for investors. He has to get that "There will be an explosion of personal computers." 1994 or Jeff Bezos started Amazon started, first touch internet he saw its future - something that most people do not realize. "We do not bet with internet but believe in it."

So what did you think of what you will about this opportunity? Please note that Jeff Bezos Amazon never build until 37 years old to 41 years old he became a billionaire. And you will say?

Only one thing is for sure if you have read here. You can not say you do not know. When later the child or grandchildren ask you about a great opportunity in early 2010, but we will answer you like? You will say to them, you will explain to them how you have to seize the opportunity and profit from it. Or are you going to justify the fact that you have missed opportunities like?.

The example above is real, the trend is real, is real time. How many more opportunities will come your way? Whatever you're doing to it and just do not miss this opportunity.

So what is this opportunity? And how you can understand and embrace them?

A business that can work at home (home business), take advantage of idle time. Most important is that you do not have to invest too much money, space, or personnel management processes to start this business.

You've heard somewhere about online business, internet business or not? (Ok) Does that mean that you've heard somewhere on television, newspapers or the Internet, right? (Ok)

Bill Gates has stressed that: "From 2015 onwards if you do business on the internet then it is better you do not do business anymore."

To learn more about this business and we go back in time to learn a little about the formation and development professions Online Business is like?

In mid-1991 when the first World Wide Web (www) is introduced for the purpose of information sharing connections between computers with different birth marked a turning point in the history of websites. Basically the website in the first period is simply the path to access the data.

2nd Period marked a milestone in its inception "web browser" (1993) and the html language communication upgraded website, also known as web 1.0. This period witnessed a strong growth of the website (closed) of the Associated Press - the publisher (Publiser), companies, organizations and units ... In order to reach out to readers and visitors goods more efficiently. It is believed more than a means of sharing information.

3rd period is considered as a revolution in the online world. Web 2.0 is the new generation of rapid change, not only in technology platforms that use both modes of use. Forming social environment "virtual" and are shaping eCommerce platform. Continue the web 3.0 world smarter launched most recently.

Since the advent of the internet in 1990 after more than two decades, today we have nearly 28 billion web pages on the internet 4 times the world's population. 1.6 billion people use the internet. Particularly in Vietnam, only this number to more than 40 million internet users account for half the population of Vietnam.

"It is a golden opportunity for people to capture and act"

In the early years of the 3rd period eCommerce gradually shaped. Now businesses and organizations ... to reach more customers simply purchase the right to advertise on the website of the media (newspaper online) or the website has a large audience. Buy a banner (banners) depending on size, location and time that advertisers pay the appropriate amount. Form known as Online Marketing (advertising) passive (display only). However, this method only exists in Vietnam for both without cost effectiveness.

When the business needs of the larger, more open business models-to provide practical advertising and direct interaction with customers. So the next trend of online marketing more effective nature is called: Affiliate marketing (affiliate marketing). This method does not simply promote their products or services for which there are many other webstie commission (profit discount) through traffic, sales from major publishers (publiser ). Marketing links with other traditional advertising methods, thanks to the only payment based on the effectiveness of advertising that does not depend on the location, duration and frequency of exposure.

This period was also the era of social networking sites (facebook, Twistter ...) and blog sites offer personal form as: blogger, Wordpress ...

Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing) is known since 1996 when the first commission for the Amazon affiliate program. Affiliate Marketing including:

- Advertisers (advertisers) are companies or individuals wishing to advertising for your products and services.

- Publiser (the publisher) is the independent body promoting your products or services and receiving commissions from advertiser advertiser.

- Affiliate network (network links) shared role between Advertisers and Publishers. Affiliate network providing technical platforms, channel promotion, banner, to monitor, manage, and customer care systems for the commission members.

This time the company has launched a resounding success and is well-known around the world as:

- Clickbank

- Worrior plus
- Commertion Junction
- Amazon
- Google

The main advantages of internet Vietnamese people have found ways of advertising and distribution channels Traditional smarter. Many people have come up rich opportunities to spend less time and more money. They say "when we have not witnessed the success of so many people so quickly." To be successful in traditional business fields before we have spent a lot of time, effort and money. But today with the internet potential we just spent one tenth the effort can achieve success quickly.

In the top 100 billionaires in 2012 dollars up to two thirds of whom are active in the field of digital technology and the internet.

So far business on the internet is not just for companies or individuals that. Now, thanks to the simple ways of doing business and the more advanced you can make money sitting at home, regardless of who you are (from students, office workers, housewives ...) as long as there little spare time that can participate and make money on the internet through the affiliate business model.

A job that can give you a few thousand dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars every month.

So unless you still hesitate for?