Google+ will shut down gaming area on 30/06

From 06/30/2013 all users will no longer play games on Google+, here is the official announcement from Google. If you still want to continue playing this game, then please contact Google to suggest that game
developers to know which game you are playing has been reissued on other websites or not, the game data remain .

If you play games on Google+ is best not to use real money to buy items in the game anymore, unless you know for sure that this game will be the release bearing to another website with your data remain the same. This action is somewhat confusing because Google did not specify the reasons for its closure array game, the game is a very important factor to help create success for an online social network, especially in a social network may lose market share as Google+.

Below is a list of user support pages of each game developers on Google+, you can contact them for more detailed information about each game:

According to Engadget, Google