Google partnered with Sony Music Entertainment at Google I / O 2013

If you expect a new product from Google is highly likely you will be disappointed in this event Google will focus on its services. According to The Verge electronics, Google has reached an agreement with Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment's online music service his.

Google's new service will be a direct competitor to Spotify, a service that provides on-demand songs to device users with a fee charged per month. This new service will be completely separate from Youtube, the video sharing website in the world's largest new Google also offers a number of channels required to pay fees. For those who are hoping to use this service for free with a few ads inserted as part of the Google multi engines should probably forget this idea, although not announced, but according to the New York Times, google will not give any free package does. As expected, you will lose about $ 10 a month for players registered with Google.
Spotify for multi-platform service is its highly successful

A new product or upgrade the Android operating system will probably be more useful to users in Vietnam. One such service Google will definitely not have land to live in our home, when a series of online music sharing site in circulation are updated frequently, even separate mobile version also be released on Google's Play.