Beam photo realistic experience when Google Glass glasse

Ever since Google introduced the idea of ​​Google Glass smart glasses, many people will wonder who wears glasses around the world will look like? Beam image below will help you answer part of this question.

To answer questions of those who have never been brought Google Glass glasses, tech site Mashable has
posted images and a description of the feeling when they look at the world around them through Google Glass.
According to Mashable, Google brought Glass on hand to bring an experience that is difficult to describe accurately. Offering a glass and a virtual display screen in front of them, many people will think that this makes people take distracting and annoying, but in practice things are not quite as many thought.
With Google's display during Glass, users eyes still see things around as usual, except that displays a small screen on top of it. This screen is only a small part of the whole perspective of the user, so they can observe things around as usual and they only have to glance at the screen every time you need to use Google Glass.
Page says Mashable tech glass prism by Google Glass show in the eyes of the interface should be smart glass is quite dim. Users only have to use eye observations Google Glass interface, which makes them hard to get to know and sometimes causing discomfort when used for long periods.
With a compact size, so the messages transmitted on Google Glass are shown briefly and concisely as possible to neatly displayed on the Google Glass interface.
Mashable said the only feature on the map is considered to be a feature "magic", you can only direct the movements of the user, and if they go first, immediately on Google maps and Glass will automatically rotate to fit their views. This gives users the feeling as experience in a virtual world.
To add more to visualize the images around the world to experience the perspective of Google Glass, here is the recorded images Mashable. Page has used this technology to be mounted close to a smartphone with Google's prism glass Glass to simulate the viewer's eye, which records the image of the eye is similar to a person carrying on Google Glasss:

     Google's Virtual Screen Display Glass prism make sense as a screen floating in the air in front of the user. Despite the very small size but Google says display size is equivalent to 25-inch wide screen viewed at a distance of 2.4 meters.

The interface of the application see the results of sports matches

The search interface. The screen is large enough to display only a single sentence or simple sentence responses. Fonts are automatically scaled for longer messages, but only in 2 sentences maximum.

Functional photographed on Google Glass. Although photos show the quality seems pretty bad on the Google Glass, but when viewed on other devices, with the photo quality is not so bad glass. Google Glass is equipped with 5 megapixel camera.

Announcement updates information on the application to read the newspaper 'The New York Times.

Twitter app on the Google Glass.

Settings interface information on Google Glass.

Navigation function is a function of the Google Glass appreciated.

Directions directly in the user's movement

Show entire map in the neighborhood of the user
The  Mashable