41 Google+ add new features, like the interface of Facebook Timeline

41 Google+ add new features, like the interface of Facebook Timeline
After a long period without any significant upgrade, Google+ social network has been a big change, not just change the interface, which is also equipped with 41 new features.

In the event Google I / O is taking place, Google has announced series of new changes and upgrades for its Google+ social network, mainly on interface changes and features images.

Google said the company has retrofitted 41 new Google+ features to help social networking becomes more
intuitive and smart user.

The biggest change and the most obvious that Google+ is the new interface of the social network. Instead of only one column interface content as before, the Google+ content is now displayed as many different columns. Depending on the screen size of the device that the user is using, the Google+ content can be displayed as 1, 2 or 3 columns.

These pictures were shared on Google+ will play a major role in the new interface, the content is displayed more clearly.

However, at first glance, the first impression of many people with the new interface of the Google+ interface that has many similarities and parallels with the Facebook timeline interface, mixed with a bit of social networking interface shape Pinteres image.

Google also add hashtags to find feature topics on the Google+ social network in the form of tags, similar to Twitter. When you click on the tag, users can browse and search for relevant content that they are interested in Google+.

Google also introduced a series of new features for image processing on Google+. For example, with Awesome Features Auto will allow the user to select the best images on your Google+ photos to create a unique dynamic.

"If you upload a series of photos, we will try to automatically create an image from them," Google said. "Or if you upload a few pictures family portrait, we will find the most beautiful frames to combine them together into a single image. Similarly with other types of images ... That is what Awesome Auto can do. "

Besides the Auto Backup feature, also known by one name immediately. This feature will automatically backup images on a mobile device up Google+ users as soon as they are taken and Internet-connected devices, to create a copy of that image on Google+. Then users can choose to share these images if you like.

Auto Enhance feature, allowing the optimum picture quality, such as improved brightness, enhanced contrast, saturation to get better images.

Auto Highlight feature allows sorting album on Google+ easier. Auto Highlight will help users find your favorite images faster by eliminating duplicate images, blurred images or images with less exposure. Instead Auto Highlight will highlight the image or the appearance of your loved ones, memorable places or other advantages ...

Along with the change of the interface and updated series of new features, Google also announced its Google+ social network has reached 190 million active users and a total of 390 million users on Google+ and other services, such as view and share video on Youtube, click the +1 button on websites or make video calls via Hangouts shall be of Gmail.