War Game of the social network

Now Google + users can also play games with friends and loved ones just like the way they used to play on Facebook. Google's expansion into the realm of chess game is no surprise, because people had predicted
that the new Plus since Google launched late in June.
With the game inserted into Plus, the search giant hopes users will have more reason to come back online more often, and stay longer each time. This strategy has clearly been very successful and effective with Facebook, when the game requires players to role-farmers, "big boss" ... was addictive for many people in total 750 million members. Time to stick with a web page is extremely important factors to attract advertisers. And obviously, the boss oyster online advertising Google does not want to split the pie with Facebook.

Hot eye to the rise of powerful and violent of juniors, veterans, Facebook has announced the latest game series features just hours after the announcement from Google Plus. The new tool will allow Facebook users to bookmark their favorite game, and keep track of your friends are playing the game more easily. Players also have the option to launch the full-screen game for a special game.

Specifically, those who have been playing games on Facebook can see a stream independent, professional display the latest gaming activities of friends, as well as scores and results they achieve. "The search for a new game is most effective through a friend, and now, you will have more opportunity to know what you're playing," Facebook said.Enabling game is extremely simple. Just click on the name of the game is you can start playing immediately.

Of course, players can control who can see the track of their gaming activities, as well as any game they choose to be your friends, do not game. Players can also check the game often played on its home page.

The hot start!

Currently, most of the top Facebook game by Zynga are provided. Google itself is one of the shareholders of Zynga, but clearly, the investment giant's search is not large enough to allow the company access to the most prestigious game that Zynga created. Among the first titles to appear on the Plus is only one of Zynga game play only. In return, Plus a title of ownership is extremely hit the smartphone is "Angry Birds".

However, if you want to play the familiar game Zynga FarmVille, CityVille or Empires & Allies, you will still have to visit Facebook.

Although Zynga also open to teaming with Google Plus, but according to analysts, the relationship between Zynga and Facebook is still very strong and close alignment of financial interests. Most of Zynga's revenue comes from Facebook (requires Facebook game on social networks are not using the Facebook payment system to sell value-added features to the game). For its part, Facebook would retain 30% of revenue from the Zynga game.

The game lets you entertain, appease a few empty soup was actually a money-making business. Zynga for not less than $ 600 million in revenue last year and pocket the interest more than 90 million USD. This year, projected growth still more terrible when the number of its players the game has exceeded 230 million mark.

But according to some opinions, the Google jumped into the web realm Zynga game will cause splitting headaches. The company itself acknowledged in the IPO application (Issue of shares to the public for the first time) that if Google or its giants like Microsoft, Amazon engagement, Zynga may be affected.

Number of new game release of Google Plus, if compared with the existing platform game on Facebook, it's really just an ant compared to potato. But with an existing Android ecosystem, an enormous power in the hands and a potential financial wealth, the power of Google is expected to increase rapidly. The fight is expected in the future is extremely hot, but no matter which side wins, who is still the most benefit when users continuously enjoy the exciting new game.