Play 5 game offline on Google Chrome

Google Chrome is open interface, speed and user-friendly, and also right in Google Chrome is not only the game online, but offline game is also being tiger tro. 5 games can be played offline on Chrome:

Angry Birds

Most of you ever love the Angry Birds game is nothing strange, it is one of the most popular games and is the most popular. There are about 189 levels and now you can play offline with Chrome.
Spark Chess

A great application on Chrome for chess fans. This game has 3 levels of beginner (cordy), medium (Claire) and advanced (Boris). You can sign up to start playing with other players online search .No also allow accumulated statistics of your performance while playing games.


This is one of the simplest game, where users need to avoid touching the red dot while dragging the mouse pointer. Going to a higher level when the number of dots increases.

Magic Cube

Magic Cube is a classic game cube Rubik. like real Rubik cube. It is a brain teaser for you to think the best and fastest way to get the swatches are similar in a common face.This game also supports offline play.

Mini Golf

If you get a mini-golf course, will surely enjoy this game. This is not a real golf game, but quite similar to the real game in golf, so called mini-golf.  Does it 9 courses you can explore. An additional feature of this game is that it can be embedded in another site to play.
(According devilsworkshop)

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