Google trying to buy Yahoo

Google has contacted at least two venture capital firms to help them acquire its renownedInternet service for a while.

According to the Wall Street Journal (USA),Google and the new partner in the early stagesand has not considered making an official offer.They care about the business of online advertising on Yahoo's website system. This information is also beginning to attract the attention of antitrust institutions.
The fate of Yahoo is a major concern of theworld of technology. Photo: Mashable.
U.S. firms looking for is not the only company tokeep an eye on Yahoo. Microsoft is said to alsoparticipate, but they do not intend to buy the whole thing but just wanted to take control of theimportant parts in Yahoo and want to affect the future of the company to reduce the risk ofcompetition later on.

Meanwhile, the Asian Games forum last weekin Hong Kong, Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba(China), also expressed the intention to acquireYahoo's leadership and said that the company needed to make a decision soon.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz wrong ex emissions inSeptember and its information is alsoautomatically search for potential buyers. The question is how much Yahoo is worth. But JerryYang, Yahoo co-founder, said there are more options to simply sell the company off.