10 reasons you should use Google Plus

Plus Google has created a craze spread throughout the world. With the slogan "Sharing the same as real life,
thinking back to the web" Google Plus promises much fun.
1. The new options
You're a big fan of social networking? From now you have more options than Facebook, Zing Me ... Plus it's Google. With Google Plus you do not need to think about the "house" your way, Google Plus is a smart choice if you're wrestling on facebook everyday.

2. Easy to use interface
You step into the "home" and that his everything tidy, easy to use, you probably feel very satisfied. Google Plus you design an interface is arranged in a scientific way, the operation is extremely simple and convenient

3. Google Plus Circle
Circle is a unique feature of Google Plus, it gives us a system of relations with the drag and drop. This city i go to work you can share your content relevant to the appropriate person. If you cut school to go play the thing you want to know where the family children, so please share with only Nhe Friends Circle

4 - Advanced Google +1:
Just Like button on Facebook, Google +1 button will help you express an interest in the information that you are reading. Plus Google has helped you discover that a +1 = 0. Try pressing the button to add 1 +1 and hit again you will find interesting.

5 - Google Plus Sparks
Any information you have gleaned on the internet and can share collections with ease.When you search, you can also collection results, and then sharing, access to quickly.

6 - Text Format:
Google Plus allows you to perform some basic text formatting, this will make "house" your more interesting. You can bold text by giving the second paragraph with *, eg * text *; or italics mark _ by 2, ie, _text_; and dash with two signs - eg:-text-

7 - Hangouts
This unique feature allows you and who you talk to each video. It's great if you're away from home and friends to a meeting, you not only talk but also see the familiar faces that you probably missed.

8 - Mobile Huddle - Group chat:
You want to name their new company, you need to consult the opinions of friends. It takes time if you just go ask one by one. Let's aggregate all the conversations that individual into a group conversation, you will save a lot of time there!

9 - Share videos and photos:
All photo and video sharing Your friends will gather together a page instead of the image tag as Facebook.
10 - Disable sharing the information
If you do not want others to share the information you submit, Google Plus allows you to disable the sharing again. So your information is always yours.