Attend a Doubleclick Advertiser Training in september

Whether you're looking to brush up on certain features of DoubleClick for Advertisers or are entirely new to using the product, the DFA training team offers a variety of training experiences that best suit your needs. In
addition to in-person classroom training for a deep dive on the product, we also offer a regular rotation of webinars focused on a particular hot topic.

Visit the DoubleClick Learn Center to register (sign-in required).

Classroom Training
DFA Fundamentals: This all day course (10am-5pm) is useful for new DFA users who are looking to understand the fundamentals of third-party ad serving including best practices for campaign trafficking, serving your ads and pulling reports.

  • New York - September 7
  • Chicago - September 14
  • Toronto - September 15
  • Boston - September 22
  • Santa Monica - September 26
  • San Francisco - September 28

DFA Trafficking Lab: This lab provides users with practice at running campaigns. It covers basic DFA functionality including assigning landing pages to creatives, updating campaigns, setting up geo-targeting and using creative rotation. As a prerequisite, attendees should have taken the DFA Fundamentals class in the previous two months or have less than two months trafficking experience.

  • New York - September 8
  • Chicago - September 15
  • Toronto - September 16
  • Boston - September 23
  • Santa Monica - September 27
  • San Francisco - September 29

MediaVisor: Learn more about MediaVisor in this course that covers how to plan and create campaigns, advertisers, site placements and IOs as well as how to send RFPs.

  1. New York - September 8
  2. Chicago - September 15
  3. Toronto - September 16
  4. Boston - September 23
  5. Santa Monica - September 27
  6. San Francisco - September 29

Webinar Training
This month join us for webinars focusing on the basics of Rich Media. For those not able to attend the classroom training sessions, we offer monthly webinars for both DFA and MediaVisor Fundamentals.

Basics of Rich Media and DFA - September 20
This webinar will cover the benefits of Rich Media, the campaign life cycle, and the basics of trafficking Rich Media creatives.

Reporting on Rich Media in DFA - September 27
Learn about the the standard and custom metrics available in Rich Media reporting, how to pull the reports, and tips on how to analyze the data.

DFA for New Users - September 14 and September 28
An introduction to the fundamentals of DFA.

MediaVisor Fundamentals - September 15
An introduction to the fundamentals of MediaVisor.

To sign up for all upcoming webinars and view recordings of past webinars, visit the DoubleClick Learn Center (sign-in required). And be sure to check back with us on this blog for regular updates to our training schedule.