Social networks "Google+ 1 Plus" officially opened

Giant Google has allowed users to freely register a new account in Google + service, after running the test period extended over 12 weeks. 

According to AP, earlier in the testing phase, the user must have an invitation to use the new service can experience this new social network. 

The launch of Google + is the latest effort by Google to compete with Facebook - the social networking world leader today.Facebook currently has the largest number of members of the world with over 750 million users worldwide. 

+ Google already allows users to freely register a new account - Screenshot 

According to Google, along with the opening of Google +, the company has added features to quickly find articles and content screening tool extensions. 

In addition, Google + also provides a feature called "Hangouts", allowing users to make voice support video with several people at once, including those who use smartphone that supports voice video. 

However, this only applies to the smart phone platform Android. Expected that other platforms will soon be added in the future.