Online Money programs better than Google Adsense?

Most of the ads a "make money online" are not credible or no worthwhile. However, if it comes from a reputable company like Google, perhaps maybe we should consider. Services Google Adsense does not require you to click anywhere but the statistics see their ads on your site, how many visits to the money paid
to you only. 

Speaking of making money online, you may be silently winced as "crap, scam" ... But when the issue related to Google, then this is a really serious. If you are a webmaster and want to use its website to "Earn money" a little, Google Adsense is a tool that should interest you. Google's reputation alone is sufficient as a guarantee. Method of operation of the program is that Google will place ads of companies that they have been on your site, if site visitors and to see the ad, the advertiser will pay you through Google. To be specific, the once accepted to participate in this program, you will be given a piece of HTML code to insert anywhere in your website. Every time visitors click on Google Adsense banner ads, you will receive a sum of money.

What limitations that we encounter the first of the Google service is not acceptable the site content is not English. So if you use a site with content Other languages for registration will not be accepted. While waiting for this change, there is a way for Google to accept is to use Google's own blog. 

To create a blog of Google, please visit http:// To register blog is quick, it's best to have a Gmail account (register for free at After you have a Gmail account, you go and select Create Your Blog Now. Here you conduct filling operations as normal to enter information. 

After you have completed yourself a blog, you use the address of his blog to sign up with Google. To register for this program by Google, please click Sign up for AdSense., Click click here to apply. A form appears for you to fill out personal information. What's remarkable is that you must fill out completely accurate personal information with Google to facilitate the transaction later. Google will absolutely keep your privacy. 
As for the website URL, please enter your blog address you have registered at the blogspot (example: http://, while in Section Website langunge you choose your site language is English . Account item type you select Individual (Bussiness for commercial website), and Section Country or territory you select . 

All remaining items are the items of your personal information. You must ensure that information is correct to avoid obstacles to trade later on. 
To be accepted, you must agree to the terms of Google Adsense to participate, you must tick all the boxes check-in Policies. Finally press the Submit Information button to finish. 
Google Adsense will ask you last on your information before completing the registration. After registering, you have to take about one to two days for Google Adsense check your registration form and accept your decision to join the program or not. 
To Google Adsense you accept the site you signed up with Google to the page content, meaning you have to work hard to post all your blogspot page (course content must be in English). 

Tip: You can go to some English newspapers, extract the contents to bring up your blog (remember to include the origin seriously). 
After Google Adsense accepted, you already have an account with username is email you used to register and password you selected. After logging into the account, there are several items to note the following: 

1. Repod: a report daily, weekly, monthly ... with the money you earn. 

2. An Settings: is for you to set the banner ad to suit your site, the size of the banner, the color of the banner and get the HTML code to insert into your page. 

3. Search Settings: This section to insert the search with Google and your site, you also receive money from the service. 

4. Account Information: information about your account, including addresses, to pay taxes, account ... 

5. Ads Pedormance means "achievement" and labor of the banner you put on the site. 

6. Search Pedomance: like adsperformance. 

7. Payment History: the information on Google Adsense was calculated every month. 

Basically the world. If you create web pages then, and again qualify for Google Adsense accepted, you will quite easily get the HTML code to insert into your page. 
It's pretty good this program is an HTML code of an account can be set up at various sites, which means you can just put code on siee content in English used to register with Google Adsense , but you can also place ads on sites with content of your own Vietnamese. 
Through the participatory process, you can learn more about the program, but here are some notes that you should be careful to avoid locking the account a pity: 

Never click on the banner of your own for any reason. 
Never change the Adsense code in your account, Google allows you to change colors, borders, font color, style, size banner. You are only allowed to change it in your account, any impact to the code of the Google ads are violating the rules. Therefore you should not change it but the same as at first. 
Only Google's banner on the page content. Because Google Adsense search system is excellent, but we all know, so do not fool it ... but do the actual page content. 
Last but not least important is that you do not have try to fool Google Adsense with software that automatically clicks. Google Adsense is smart enough to know that it is being lied to and in which case your account will be permanently deleted and you never have the opportunity to join the program anymore. 
The last thing you need to know that you will get the money like? That's when your account reaches $ 10, Google Adsense will send you a letter (letter was not the email) to the address you used to register, which contains a PIN (Personal Identification Number: certified personal identification number). When you participate in google adsense, before receiving the money, you need to load the PIN code received from Google. PIN code meant to protect people using Google Adsense, it ensures that your checks will be routed to the correct address you entered in your account. 
After you enter a PIN before the 15th of the month and your account is over $ 100, then Google Adsense will send a check to you on the 25th of the month that you have the $ 100 in your account (ie you enter your PIN account on 13 / 4 and your account is $ 110, then on 25 / 4, Google Adsense will send you a check worth $ 110).