Google plus closed account using the virtual name?

In the near future, with the social networks do not accept Google + slang name or nickname anymore (nickname), the members do not use your real name when registering the account will be temporarily deactivated. 

In an interview with the New World Notes, senior manager in charge of Google's global communications, Katie Watson said Google is working with users who have changed the names so that switching to identities based on symbols (avatar-based name) when operating on Google + social networks. We have several members after registering names like slang / nicknames on their networks rather than real names. 

A user profile is suspended because of the virtual user name (Source: New World Notes) 

The system records the Google + allows only display the name and several "names" with nickname. This allows Google to help its members search for relationships in a more diversified, now most of the participants and the community forums are very popular online game. But it seems now Google will not encourage the use of the virtual name and will allow only registered real identity used Google +. 

"Profile on Google + is established for the purpose of publicity on the net, helping people find and connect with real people in real world. By providing your real name, you will help your friends, family, colleagues and other acquaintances can find and create relationships with the right person they want on the Web "- Katie Watson said . 

Information in accordance with the recently Google has removed some of the profile on Google +. Explaining the decision, Google said that "the use of profile Google + is intended to help people find and connect online with each other as best" and they decided not to allow the used beyond that purpose. Google + records nonpublic identities will be deleted from the network began in August. 

Will the just released, the members are familiar, the account lock when not using their real names to Google Plus can "lose points" with netizens?!

Source: Slash Gear