7 tips to use Google Circle - Round connected

"Google Circles" also known as Round connect is the main feature that promises success for Google Plus. The Circles are designed to easily share information with a combination of harmony and rational with your friends. 

Some people familiar with Facebook or Twitter for that round connector that Google Circle created quite cumbersome and tedious. By using the tips below you will find them simple and useful 

1. Do not "located within" someone if you do not want 
Unlike Facebook and the like on Twitter, Google + you do not have to agree with those who want to connect with you. This means you do not care about people you do not know, including the "followers" and want to track your share publicly. 

So general rule is if you do not want to see the content of others, do not add them to the next connection at all. This principle will help you reduce management burden and avoid a lot of spam appears on the wall that you do not care. 

2. Google Circles organize what you want to share, do not follow the relationship 
People you know in Google Plus can come from different groups: neighbors, former classmates, former colleagues or acquaintances in the club ... Sort acquaintances based on a relationship it is not easy. So a more reasonable that you should hold your next connection based on what you want to share. Because you will be easier to select the ring connected to friends and easier to select the ring connected to shared content. 
This is an example suggests that you can refer to: 
- A round of connections includes those you want to share the general status updates. 
- Round connected B includes those or share an interest in it (such as sports, or taking pictures). But you also want to share status updates with these people. 
- Round connect C includes those or share about a certain topic (such as information technology, electronics ...). But you do not want to share with their status. 
- Loop connections D: Everyone. 

3. Off notified of a post to avoid disturbing 
Like Facebook, Google Plus arrange the display order based on activities related rather than time-based original content that is created 
But sometimes you just want to make a comment or simply press the "+1" to express their agreement on a topic of public and do not wish to continue receiving notice of the hundreds of comments others. To solve this problem given Google + Mute feature this post on a post. 
This way you can monitor, exchange, discuss the content but will no longer be bothered by the notice related, and it will not appear on your wall again. 

4. Disable the "sharing it" to your content without the outside connections 
The sharing of social networking is a good feature. It enables information to be broadcast and reported quickly becomes famous. But in case you share your personal information, private or sensitive that some people just want to know. Then you can select the Disable features share, it will not let the reader be content to share. 
You can also turn off comments (disable comment) if not received any comments, reviews share any content you provide. 

5. Copying a Circle to connect to other Google Circle connection 
You can add all your friends from within the connection ring connected to another by the following: 
- Visit the Circle connection 
- Select a ring connecting the source 
- In other action choose Select All, all friends within the connection will be selected 
- Drag the entire list, and drop into the ring connection you want to copy to 

6. See list of shared content 
If someone shared something with your content, you can click the link with the word limit in just behind the date to see the list of people together to share content you like. This information is quite interesting because it helps you understand how people share information. 

7. Display / hide Circles connected 
When you choose to hide the ring connected people will not know the list of people you share a certain content. This will disable the first six tips above. 
To hide / show the inner ring you access to account settings then go to profile and security policy 
Next click on the Edit button displays the network. 
Google Circle will allow you to change the attributes of the show ring connection and allows you to choose who can view a list of friends in the loop connection. Whether people see the list of friends in the loop connecting you to share, but they absolutely can not tell by this list of the next connection. Such information is completely confidential so that only you know.