Optimize site to success with Adsense

The improved performance includes Adsense most problems and design optimization. It is important to remember that the incentive to click the Adsense ads or simply ask for clicks will be in violation of Adsense terms of service and can easily be removed from the program. The relevance boost clicks. Google's job is to
provide relevant ads and your work is the focus of the site clearly so Google can do their work. 
Optimize site to success with Adsense 
The success of Adsense program depends on several factors, most under your control. To achieve clicks, you should: 

- Traffic. 
- The related ads. 

If no one visits your site, then obviously you will not get clicks through. If you have traffic, but the ads are not relevant, the visitors will feel no incentive stimulus to click them. You may think that Google is responsible to send you advertisements related but successful Adsense publisher is responsible for the association by giving Google a site to be optimized to make clear work. The optimized to work with both sides of the equation, it helps you attract more visitors while helping Google to provide relevant ads. 

In summary, the optimized site for search engines (often referred to as the optimization of search engines or SEO) is a group of technical writing, design and create HTML code with two purposes: 

- Create a stronger experience for visitors. 
- Improved visibility of the site in search engines. 

The two purposes are closely linked together by Google's main mission to provide good content for people who use it. Google attempts to reward the site with visitors familiar with the high position on search results pages of it - also consider other factors. This chapter aims to improve the position of the site in Google, PageRank, and climb to create the search results page - all aimed at attracting visitors. 

The ads on your site on the site concerned is not optimized aspect of the system but is part of the traffic involved. Establishing a network of links to the most effective way to improve PageRank in Google. The establishment of links is important for your success with Adsense. Adsense income has been from all the standards that the webmaster boldly advertise their online businesses. 
Now continue with the concerned. The associated transfer of the visitors click the banner to the user. Risk of change, a successful conversion put the visitors off your site, this seems counterproductive. Never worry about it, if your site provides good information value, the visitors will return. The following section of this chapter describes how to retain them on your site even if they click a link form. 
It is not surprising to find that the Adsense program is much preferred by the webmaster of the site operator information, as opposed to the service site, register or capital transactions generate non-ad revenue. The site information is usually done by the charm, was created from scratch by a passion for the subject. When Adsense appear, who worked hard at the start of this award to achieve income from the Internet first. In those cases, the only source of Adsense income site. Whatever the focus or scope of any such site. Here is a checklist on your own Adsense optimization points. 

-Only one topic on the page. Organization site seriously and remove irrelevant content from any page. Do not be afraid to add pages to meet the short subject that does not fit on other pages. Do not let questions about the content of a page is. 

-Identify key concepts, words and phrases. This means that for each page. Then make sure the words and phrases that are shown on the page. Special note to turn those words into the index. The focus of keywords should be directed to the top of the page. Do not go too far, to read natural text without the visitors (and Google) know you are sending spam to them. 

-Put the words in the card. Take these words and phrases from the previous section and put them in meta tags (the tag keyword, description, and title). Do not use words more than three times in any card. 

-Use text instead of images. Google does not understand the words which are embedded in images, such as what you see in the directional buttons. (The directional buttons and other images is important in defining the subject of the page and site). Replace buttons with text navigation links. 

Try to complete these points before you create an Adsense account. Ideally, your site is in a state is optimized when the first Google crawl it. You do not know your site will be crawled as often in the future, thus creating a suitable index for the first time is crucial. 

Find select the ads more valuable 
There is no secret that: Not all Adsense ads have the same value. The value of any ads displayed in the ad unit depends mainly on what the advertisers bid to place it on your site and in its place in the Ad Group (Google AdWords program ). The pricing is the most valuable form of advertising that you and Google. And even though the ads are valued for how you and Google, it is less valuable than your own for. You do not know the percentage% of its value that you get on every click through, and you do not know each value in $ and cents. There are many things you did not know and here's the formula. 
Purchase price of advertisers than Google's discounts to advertisers unless the income is divided by Google. 

With all this deduction, it is surprising to know that Adsense pay all, but it did so. A purchase price of the ads is very high (market pricing AdWords inflation any time) and the division of Google Adsense publishers seem spacious. However, the publishers Adsense eyed capital for their reports immediately that a number of click-through value than the other clicks. That means that some ads are more valuable than the other ads. Ideally, you want the most valuable piece of advertising to appear on your pages. 

To some extent, the relative value of the advertisements that you receive as a factor beyond your control panel. The best thing you can do is to optimize each page to convey the most obvious theme of it and run ads that Google sent. But you can go through two different routes to achieve the ads more valuable: 

- Starting a new site. 
- Create new pages are optimized for the ads more valuable. 

The first option is not likely possible for the webmaster that does not spend the entire time of their Internet businesses. Even if they work full time online, in their hands can have all the property they were operating. 
Note: There is one thing you should know that Google stop creating a separate site as a means for Adsense, but it absolutely does not prohibit such a site. Google search quality content regardless of its motives. If you add almost blank pages with the keyword meta tag embedded in and start running Adsense ads, maybe Google will remove you (this means close the entire Adsense account). 

Regardless of how the consequences, not much difference between a new site designed for Adsense, and a site in the long run which has just joined Adsense, if both site content essential and valuable . A new type of website has begun to appear, optimized for Adsense ads have value and are set to bring Adsense income. If good content no one suffered by this situation. The visitors have a positive site experience, advertisers get quality clicks, publishers to gain income Adsense, and Google maintains the consistency of its value chain. All of this is its content and relevance.

Identify high value keywords 
Therefore, the return of two methods to attract advertisements is highly valued, the problem should be noted that the process is identical. Whether starting a new site or create a new page, get ads from Google worth more than is done by identifying the high value keywords and optimize new content based on keywords it. It is a concept closely expressed as follows: 

-The value of the keyword is determined by the purchase price of advertising on those keywords. 
The high-order price for certain keywords expressed wishes of an advertiser to reach a top position on search results pages and on content pages. 

-Number of clicks through the ads associated with those keywords often cost more expensive for advertisers and more profitable for publishers Adsense from clicks by the ads are valued less. 

-Adsense publishers can use many different tools to determine the relative value of keywords. 

- With the same number of click-through, optimizing content based on keywords with the keyword expensive less expensive than lead to a higher Adsense earnings. 

For the existing site, creating new content is optimized based on the keyword value is a three step process: 

1. Determine the current tag. These keywords are the core concepts of the site which may or may not be incorporated into the meta tags and embedded in the text page. 

2. Search keyword related. Search keywords is the key to the whole game advertising to Google advertisers and publishers to Adsense. Your goal is to find keywords that advertisers bid. See tips behind this list of two interactive tool which displays information to this important set. 

3. Create content based on the keywords value. Creating content is easier said than done. The article and set of content to keep visitors returning is a long term process. For existing sites, this may be the problem re-organize existing content to optimize the site based on the keywords value. 
Tip: The two biggest providers of search engine advertising pay per click, Google and Overture, both provide the tools to determine the relative value of keywords. Using Google's Traffic Estimator is a job not just use the Overture Bid Estimator and the results less clear. However, the results are more relevant because you are trying to attract Google advertisements to attract high value, not the Overture ads. The successful Adsense publishers put yourself at the meaning of an Adwords advertiser. Achieve the state of mind which is best done by opening an account and use Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool and Keyword Estimator. No cost or required to open an Adwords account. 
Taking advantage of the Adwords tool will require a certain level of understanding. Based on the Traffic Estimator tool, you may find that certain keywords generate clicks per day more than keywords, which means they are more popular search terms. You can also see that a relatively high cost per clicks (such as 38 cents for keyword ipod) to achieve a higher ad position a little more expensive keywords (such as imusic). By inference, you know that the ipod is a better value imusic keywords and if you create a content page is optimized for the ipod, maybe it will get the ads have a higher value than if imusic you optimize for. 
Overture provides a view directly over the keyword equivalent value. Follow the steps below to see the purchase of Overture bid: 

1. Open the link. 
2. In the Search box, enter a keyword. 
3. On the search results page, click the link View Advertisers Max Bids near the top right corner. View Bids window appears 
4. Type security code in the box provided. This will automatically prevent access to the Overture Max Bids. 
5. Click Search. 

As you can see, Overture display advertisements of advertisers it for the keywords you entered are listed in descending order of amount bid, exposing the public what the public port company pay for their Overture ads may not correlate with the amount of capital can be set higher than Google. But it gives you a basis for comparison especially if you repeat the process particularly relevant to the keywords. 

But the study of the price tag to purchase not worth much if you do not think about keywords that are related. Keyword Suggestion Tool (AdWords account) create substantial list of relevant keywords and free to use after opening an Adwords account. Overture offers a similar service at the following address: inventory.overture.com 

Note that in addition to giving a list of relevant keywords, Overture search revealed the value of each word and present the list in the order of search popularity. 
Wordtracker is a tool popular keywords suggested by more features which can calculate the keyword level how popular form of search in different search engines. This service is located here: link. 

Wordtracker does not try to assess the value of money orders. This service is used by advertisers and the site optimization to target the niche topic position.

Understand and create high value Adsense site 
After you identify high-value keywords, you need to find ways to expand the content to the key concepts that do not damage or obscure the focus of the site. 

Although it is useful to think like an Adwords ad and use the Adwords tool, but remember your priorities as opposed to the priority of advertisers in one aspect. Advertisers find the appropriate category shown by keywords aim high through which there is little competition on bid to buy. Of course the ideal is to use a search by a specific group of people looking and not the other advertisers to look. Adsense publishers seeking broad category is represented by the keyword in high demand by which a lot of competition. Of course the ideal medium widely popular as a search and requested by the advertiser. The misery of the advertiser (the cost of high priced to target the desired school) is your profit (income higher click-through). 

Value is not necessarily a problem. The catch value is not considered important earlier. As an Adsense publisher, see all your pages. If you see the same ads on multiple pages, Google find your pages are optimized similarly. There is nothing wrong about the consistency of the site theme, but from the side Adsense is not effective consistency. The ad copy can support you and against you.