Ministry Templates of Google + themes for Windows 7

Since Google has introduced Google + social networks have created a around the world. Shortly after launch, Google + had to tens of millions of members, although still being in beta testing and limited participants. 

Whether you've received an invitation to join Google social networking + or not, the interface with the following beautiful wallpaper will surely bring an atmosphere of "social networking" to your desktop. 
With 20 wallpaper beautiful with melodies and logos playful, attached it and the mouse icon is also changed, make sure the Google interface + will impress anyone who uses your computer. 

Download the Google + interface for Windows 7 here.

Download the wallpaper style Google 
If you are not using Windows 7 and can not make the second set of interfaces listed above, or if you use Windows 7 but want the background of "true nature" Google, the collections below will respond to you . 
Not only does the wallpaper theme on the Google logo, a collection of wallpaper below has pictures of the Google services, like social networking Google +, Google Earth, Gmail service ... has been the artist designed the style and beautifully fresh. 
With this background, your desktop will be filled with color and style of the "giants of technology," Google.