Google owns about 900,000 servers

U.S. Internet service company never disclosed how many servers in their data center, but a professor at Stanford University estimated that nearly 1 million. 
This figure was calculated from the information that Google shared by Professor Jonathan Koomey to serve
his research on energy consumption in data centers (Data Center - DC). 

Manager David Jacobowitz of Google for Koomey said power consumption in the network's DC Google accounted for less than 1% of the total 198.8 billion kilowatt hours - the energy use of all data centers around the bridge in 2010. This means Google takes only about 220,000 kilowatt to operate the data center solutions through proactive about saving power and cooling. 

Based on studies of average consumption, Koomey said that Google now has a range of 900,000 servers. In a lecture on the new platform, called Spanner, Google said it plans to expand to 10 million servers.

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