Google buys of IBM Copyright 1000

This is Google's latest move aimed at "strengthening" of evidence in copyright battle with rivals. 
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"Like other technology companies, at any time, we also acquired the rights related to their business," Google
spokesman explained the move. 

Before that, the blog SEO by the Sea has been rumors of the deal this exchange. Accordingly, Google is believed to have submitted papers to the Department of Trademarks and Copyright of America will buy back more than 1,000 patents. 
A spokesman for Google declined to say which firms price up to 1,000 property rights of IBM technologies. 

Google is facing several copyright lawsuits by a number of services, including mobile operating system Android which is developing at breakneck speed. It is not clear whether the backs of legal services is threatening the revenue of Google. 

General Counsel Kent Walker, Google also recently criticized the piracy technology invented a "disgusting", and is used by companies who want to "profit from the success of new technology the opponent. " He said Google would purchase a large number of patents by Mr. Walker said, Google is a young entrepreneur with a list of software is far more fragile than its rivals. 

Google now has nearly $ 40 billion in cash to the acquisition of patents from other companies do not make the company difficult. 

However, earlier in July, a group of allied companies to confront Android, including Apple and Microsoft have agreed to acquire a list copyright 6000 by Nortel Networks Corporation owns the $ 4.5 billion . The price is higher than 5 times the amount of USD 900 million that Google bid for Nortel. 

Goole is also currently negotiating to acquire interdigital, a company that owns thousands of copyrights and patents, but not production, a source close to recently told the Wall Street Journal. This acquisition will make Google's spend a few billion.