Google + Automatically receive errors because several members of banned

Vic Gundotra, vice president of U.S. Internet service, recognized the mistake of locking too many accounts just because they use virtual rather than real names nick on new social networks. 

Blogger Robert Scoble Talking, Gundotra said Google's opinion about using real names do not change, but they have more flexibility in handling. 
"Google is not forced to use birth name, but should avoid taking the name of celebrities or select the name odd, strange characters, or view all know is a lie as 'God' (Princess )...", Gundotra emphasized . "It is necessary to reduce the spam and identity theft." 

Multiple Google accounts + closed temporarily. 
"Facebook has done research on this and found that members of social networks to meet the real name (if you want to ensure privacy, they should choose instead the social networking blog). And Google wants build a community of more than a forum with members of Anonymous, "Scoble said, and expressed support for Google's policy. 

However, Jay Freeman, founder Cydia application repository, the criticism "ridiculous decision. Google has not considered factors in a multicultural world which is considered to be anonymous on the Internet." 

U.S. firms seek to persuade celebrities are joining Google + to increase the weight for this network and attract users (currently more than 20 million members in just 3 weeks). 

Last week, Google has strong hands closed a large number of pages Google + individuals, of which there are many accounts in Vietnam and bewildering, frustrating for the members. Many domestic users have to change the name to avoid trouble.