Google + attract 25 million visitors

Google + Social networks reached almost 25 million users, the website became the fastest growth in the number of members, according to comScore's latest survey. 

Google + Social networking is the fastest growing. 

Google + released later in June but to date 24 / 7, social networks are seen as opponents of Facebook has attracted 25 million visitors. This is considered an impressive figure, and on average each day Google + welcome 1 million visits. 

According to comScore, Facebook took three years to attract 25 million visitors, while Twitter took 30 months. 

Although the latest figures show that efforts to "run" on the social networking market this time of Google seems to be a good start, but not that this project will reap long-term success . MySpace reached 25 million users in nearly two years - growing faster than Facebook and Twitter. However, the social network has lost a lot of visitors in a year, according to comScore. 
Survey results show that U.S. access to Google + most, 6 million, followed by India 3.6 million. Canada and the UK reaches 1 million users. Germany 920,000; Brazil 780,000; France, Taiwan 500,000.