Apple, Microsoft accused "rated council" Google

Internet search giant Google has accused Apple, Microsoft and Oracle conducted a "hostile campaign, organized" to fight Android mobile operating system of the company using the patented not true.
"Google's rivals are trying to make it difficult for manufacturers to sell Android devices," David Drummond,
director in charge of the legal status of Goole wrote on the company website "Instead of competing by building building features or new equipment, then they are competing with the litigation. "

Campaign against the opponent's Android is being conducted "through the patent is not true," said Drummond stressed that "Microsoft and Apple are always criticizing each other, so when they are side by side You have to start wondering what will happen. "

Mr. Drummond said Google is actively looking for ways to prevent "those who are trying to curb" Android and "rich" category of its own patents. Google also "encouraged" the Justice Department is considering whether or not Microsoft and Apple are acquired 6,000 patents from Nortel to unfair competition.

In addition, Oracle also personally submit the claim Google, Android alleged infringement of intellectual property related to Oracle's Java software. Microsoft and Apple have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of mobile phones as well as many other technology companies are using the Android platform for their devices.

Besides the legal battle, Google said that Microsoft and Apple have colluded to obtain a series of patents owned by each enterprise software company Novell and telecommunications companies went bankrupt Nortel Networks to "make sure Google does not get them. "

An alliance including Microsoft and Apple has joined hands to acquire Nortel's 6000 patent for a total amount up to USD 4.5 billion which, according to Google is "5 times the amount expected before the auction is 1 billion. "

Representatives of Microsoft and Apple declined to comment on this issue. Oracle spokeswoman did not give any of the statements.

Google Android to be officially announced in 2007 and is increasingly the equipment manufacturers and consumers favor. According to Mr. Drummond, more than 550,000 Android enabled devices each day.

According to the Wall StreetJournal