The words are abbreviated in Adsense

CTR stands for the phrase "Click Through Rate" means the ratio between the number of clicks and ad impressions (page impression). The higher ratio shows greater ad effectiveness, and thus earnings will continue to grow. 

In the field of advertising, it has had several studies of effective advertising medium on each different website. No limits: your website as hot, as matching ads to website content, the greater the effect. Even Adsenseco also know there are some special website to over 20% CTR, that is just 5 times the ad is a click on it. 

The cheaters themselves by clicking on their web site advertising makes up that rate is unusually high. Do they have little understanding of the average rate, so just click comfortable lead provider ads found immediately. For example, a forum usually only rate below 1% CTR, the red light will turn on when a forum is the rate of 4% -5%. The higher the ratio of your account as alarming. For me, the rate is usually under 2% and often at the 1.3-> 1.9%. 

The only way to avoid a ban is not cheat. Do not aim at the immediate benefits that take into account the long term. That's the advice of Adsenseco for you. Good luck. 

CPC - Cost Per Click: Publisher is charged each time visitors click on the link text or banner ads. Each IP is only validity is 2 -3 clicks / day. The average price per click is the world's approximately $ 1.00. 

CPA or CPS: 
CPA or CPS - Cost Per Action or Cost Per Sales: Publisher is charged each time the visitor from a publisher's website click on the advertising and subscription or purchase the advertising program. Price per CPA up to $ 20 - $ 40. In my case, usually under $ 7. I think it's a pretty normal and safe. 

CPM - Cost Per Thousand Impression A: Publisher ads are priced per 1,000 impression (impression was that the ad is, the equivalent of pageviews in google if you put all the banner ads on every page of the website) . The price of the world's CPM is 2 cents / CPM 

Examples are as follows: 
You have three ad blocks per page and one day you earn $ 20 for 10,000 impressions trang.Vi so, the average CPM is $ 2 = (Earnings / Page Impressions) * 1000 = (20 $ / 10000) * 1000 

Page RPM: 
RPM - Revenue Per Mile: There is a difference between the CPM is calculated by page display while using the RPM display ads. 

For example: 
For example on each page displays 3 ads by google 
RPM in this case is what? The new interface will show 30,000 impressions, 10,000 page 3 for each ad block. Therefore, the average RPM's = $ 0.67 (Income / Display ads) * 1000 = ($ 20 / 30,000 ) * 1000 
It's my own perceptions and RPM and CPM. And I always rated them as different.