What is Google Affiliate Network ?

Google Affiliate Network enables advertising relationships between publishers and advertisers.

Google Affiliate Network publisher, you can add an advertiser's banner or text link on your site. When a transaction, such as a sign-up or purchase, occurs through one of these affiliate links, Google Affiliate Network will track the sale and pay you
a commission or bounty.Google’s affiliate marketing program, Google Affiliate Network, is one of the top affiliate marketing service companies today. Google's virtual advertising program allows webmasters to promote ads from over 800 merchants on their websites. As with other affiliate marketing services, each time an Internet user clicks on the advertisers’ links and makes a purchase, you - as the affiliate, receive a commission.

Google affiliates (publishers) can find special features through the “Help” link located in the top right corner of their account pages. This section not only allows users to learn about the features that are available to them as a publisher, but also provides step-by-step tutorials guiding the users on how they can start utilizing the feature on their own account. We weren’t able to find as many standout features available through Google but we were able to find the standard features that publishers hope to find when using an affiliate marketing service.

Reporting Features: 
The one drawback to Google reporting is that they do not offer reports to be generated in API style. In every other aspect, Google has the reporting features we were looking for. With performance- based reports, advertiser- and category- based reports, as well as links and product- related reports, Google provides a way for their publishers to select, filter and generate the specific data they’ are looking for. We found the reporting feature easy to use and a basic necessity for any publisher diving into the world of marketing.

Ease of Use: 
The Google Affiliate Network interface is well designed and easy to use. The main link tabs appear in the upper-left corner and create an easy way for publishers to navigate the site. Subtitles for categories appear on the left of each page and allow users to further filter the information they need. We found the site well designed and not overly cluttered, providing users with clear choices that help them navigate to the function or feature they are looking for.

Search Options: 
Although Google does not provide the number of search options other services present, they still offer a good selection. We found that while searching products, there is no way to view all the products that Google offers, users must view products one category at a time. The search functions are easy to use, publishers are only required to enter a keyword and all products with that keyword in the title will be pulled for the publisher to view.
Help & Support: 
Although Google does not offer customer support representatives through the telephone, they do offer a form users can fill out to contact them regarding questions, violations or feature requests. We contacted Google through this system and found that they were able to answer all of our questions as well as reply in a timely manner.
After the representative replied to our query via email we were able to reply through email, and correspond back and forth with the representative until all of our questions were answered. The customer support representative was very thorough and knowledgeable about the features and services offered through Google Affiliate Network, offering us an ample amount of support.
In addition to the “Contact Us” feature, Google provides their publishers with a Help Forum where users are able to post a question and openly discuss any topic they feel relevant to the services provided. Google is one of the few service providers that offer a forum within their interface that publishers are able to utilize. Google also offers frequently asked questions and tutorials to guide their users toward a successful affiliate marketing experience.

Google is a well known name because they offer quality services. Google Affiliate Network comes as nothing less than what a user would expect to get from the Google name. Google offers the features, options and credibility that we feel make an affiliate marketing service great.

You can register for participation here : http://www.google.com/ads/affiliatenetwork/publisher/