What is AdSense for feeds?

AdSense for feeds allows web publishers to earn by placing targeted Google ads in their feeds. AdSense for feeds works the way the rest of the AdSense program works: by delivering ads that are relevant to your content and your readers.

If you have a RSS feed for your blog or website, you can monetize it with adsense for feeds. Any webmaster that has a feedburner feed can easily monetize it with adsense units. Google provides step by step instructionson how to install the ads
on your feeds just like you do with adsense for content for content pages.

If you already have a google account you can log into feed burner through google. Go to feedburner.google.com, there you can log in directly to feed burner without having to register. Since you already have a google account as soon as you log in your immediately registered using info from your google account. This is because google owns feed burner.

Another thing to note is you must have a feedburner feed to use adsense for feeds. It is not compatible with other RSS feed types. 

This is a great way to earn more with your website and is neat considering it is the only current way and the first way of monetizing a RSS feed. If you have a large number of subscribers you might be able to substantially boosts your adsense income within minutes. On the other hand it can be detrimental to your long term success with RSS.

This is not for everyone. Adsense for feeds provides some benefits as well as some drawbacks. When deciding whether or not it is worth it for your site you will need to weigh out the good with the bad. Every site is different and has a different RSS feed with a different amount of subscribers with different interest. So, it all really depends on the situation.