Some laws of Google Adsense - The newcomers should know

Here are a few things you should consider when using Google Adsense (abbreviated GA) to avoid locking the account. 
1. Not allowed to buy, sell, exchange or transfer of accounts GA. When you are using a website to sell to others, you must inform the Google Adsense Team please delete your account. The new manager will have the right to register a new account on that website. 

2. Do not click on your own GA. The click fraud (ma) is not acceptable.
If you click several times your account will be blocked.This is the biggest mistake of the new Webmaster join online ad (on website). 

3. Not sure people click on your ads. There are many who think they can not click the security people to earn extra income click the this is a serious violation. I and you do not understand how Google discovers the violation. However, GA has given law should be followed. If you respected partners, advertisers (Advertisers) are sure you will do fine. Let everything be natural, such as T and K that! 

4. Do not install GA on a popup page or a program is installed. Home Page Popup is automatically opened by the script that we easily found on some website. This is too easy for Google to recognize. By the Script of the GA will automatically notify management Robots. Some programs you install and use for free, otherwise you have to agree that it is advertising. donors. Of course they will not place ads on GA if they will be paying the price. 

5. Do not edit GA code. You can only edit the color values ​​displayed. And placed directly on the site, not through a different script.

6. Do not Google place ads on the third frame (frame Tuesday). 

7. Do not place the top of the GA content words as encouragement click: Click Me, Click here, Click here to support, hot links, other articles were found ... if you blocked the account immediately even always lock your Domain by googlesyndication. That means your website will never be involved in this program on labels nua.Theo GA laws of ads, you only have the option of either: or Sponsored Links or Advertisements. If you set the label for ads with language support such as Vietnamese, then watch out.They did not understand the meaning of the sentence you say is, they will blunt lock your account and domain lock where you are always using it. I think we need to set the label for such ads do. 

8. Do not hide the text display of the GA. You can edit the color values ​​but not make it lose a text display. For example, you choose the color of the backround (wallpaper) is FFFFFF (white), and color text is: FFFFFF obviously the text of the GA will be lost with the background, or say exactly the visitor does not see the from the description. 

9. Do not be duped GA. Too many of us try to trick GA tested or at least think they can fool GA. It's best intentions that go away in your head. You should always be conceived: we will honor the partners (advertisers, not GA). If you understand this you will understand everything you are duped by stupid at all. GA smarter than we thought. They spent more time, more money to research technology where they are not easily fooled. 

10. The content of your site must: 
-No related base P0RN, gambling (gambling, betting) or content contrary to law, violence, terrorism, banned, religious, or affect individuals, groups and organizations. 
-Do not add too many keywords redundant or irrelevant to the main content. 
-Do not create multiple sites with similar content or similar. 
-No selling or introduction of weapons, beer, alcohol, stimulants, stimulant, aphrodisiac, tobacco ... 
-Not content to Pay to surf, pay to read email. 
-Do not place Google Adsense on these pages require login. 
Do not open the ad-GA in a new window by default. Many webmasters want to open ads in a new window GA but this is a violation. Each click of the visits you have the money, selling so well worth the visitor must not!. 
No built-in Searching keywords box. 
GA-No display on the mp3, video, new groups, the picture ... if related to copyright. 
GA-No place on the page with no content text is displayed, and no link khac.Vi example page image only, a description of it but there is not a link. 
-No more broken links, or more than 100 links. 

11. Do not put GA in the email. 

12. Do not encourage people click on GA 

13. On one page you can only use up: 1 link unit, a referral button per product (Picasa, Firefox, Adsense, Adwords), search and 3 form two ad units. 

14. Just set the Search box, ads and referral buttons on the page content. No parking on the domain without the permission of Google. 

15. Do not use Roboots, script automatically click, or click interchange. 

16. Do not try to create as many Impression. 

17. The language of the site must be supported by GA. There is currently no support in Vietnamese. If your site has good content and quality. You can contact the GA to obtain permission. 

18. Do not use an advertising program displays the content along with GA. For example, Yahoo Publisher Network. You can combine GA and Adbrite on the same page without fear of violation. 

19. Do not disclose information such as CTR, CPM, CPC of you. I see more clearly you do not get this shot should also always put the GA forum screen, or worse, on their Website. If found, the GA team as you run out of film. 

20. Do not use the same code with two or more GA. You can use multiple codes (. Does not mean you have multiple accounts that are using other people's code.) On the same page but you must make sure that each time the ads will appear as a codesingle number. You often see this on the forum sharing revenue (revenue sharing) via GA. 

21. You are not allowed more than one account. If the GA discovered, they will delete all your accounts. You can use a code for many different Web sites without permission GA. Of course the site you put up must have valid content. 

22. You must not intentionally break other people's Adsense account. This is a very new law, the GA is very clear. You should not think you can break someone else's GA. They will find out immediately who you are, own account, and you do miss out on their own. Do not be selfish like you. 

You obey all laws and should be updated on a regular basis because there may be new changes. 

In our sure many of the questions about Google Adsense rules. Many of us have done, in collaboration with Google Adsense.have very good compliance with the laws of Google but the account remains locked for no reason. Where the reason? This is another aspect, very important to many further discussions.