Instructions for installing Google Adsense for domains

Google Adsense release features for DNS domain names support. Today I would like detailed instructions how to install the Adsense For Domain Google account and the account Domain. This applies to all DNS domain names support.To me they usually use domain because of its ease of use and
management. Do we start only:

Step 1: Login to Google Adsense account and then start the installation. Click AdSense Setup and it appears as seen below.Then you click on Adsense For Domain red letters that I have marked in the picture below.

When you click on Adsense For Domain it appears the figure below. You select the Add new domain where the pink arrow below.

Step 2: Type your domain name as shown below. Then click on Add Domain.

Then it appeared as seen below, the IP ranges you copy and code the account back then acc Domain prepare for installation.

Step 3: You login to your account and click on the DNS domain it will bring up the settings shown below.

You click on the Add new A Recond it appears the figure below. Then you turn copy 4 of IP on IP Address box below. Part Host Name, then leave the word @ that.

Do the same with the CNAME. You can edit the CNAME www word go and it appears as shown below. You copy a Google account to provide the above form Points To Host Name box, and leave that word www. You should select the TTL is 1 / 2 hour fast.

Finishing it will show the picture below is ok then, you wait 24 hours to confirm it is finished.

After the add is successful, the account you log into Google Adsense and an emergency change and additional channels (Channels) to the new domain is ok. As shown below it: D.

List installed successful Adsense for domains