Google's official beta Witkey platform Prizes

Google bought the Slide seems like a low-key work, following the application of group chat and photo sharing applications Disco Pool Party in addition, they launched the third in today's social networking application Prizes, it will need to help people and solve problems ─ ─ people together to solve the problem of people from the hands of people who need help receive monetary awards.

Prizes still in Beta testing phase, but has publicly registered, but that you must have invited it to send tasks, did not invite it can only solve the task. Prizes may be worth noting that through Facebook or Twitter account, but not Google Accounts.

Each task has a time limit issue, and can also be another vote, and follow each other messages.Money transactions are settled via PayPal, Google Checkout has been ignored. Slide looks really Google's most independent team, it will not be subject to Google to use Google's services.

Relative to the platform in terms of general tasks, Slide is a long-term vision of the team. Platform in the prizes, you can exchange messages with other users in real time. The rapid transmission of information convenient, as one of the most important trends 2011. Coupled with the earlier group chat application has been launched Disco, Pool Party photo-sharing application, we can see, Slide team retaken the move, the two hot spots and convenient!

Foreign Witkey platform has a lot, and now Google the Prizes depend on a strong backing, I believe and then to develop some new applications will come from behind the bar! In addition, I also joined the closed beta to see if there may be harvested here, there are already some ideas, and do not know can not work, who are interested can look!

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