Google + What is?

Google + ambition to change the share on the web 
Google + Social Networking is considered the future of its U.S. Internet service, and is one of the five most important projects of them with Gmail, Android, Chrome and Search. 
Google which failed in the field of social networks such as Buzz and Wave two projects were short-lived. But Google + is not simply a tool
to update status and share photos with friends like the other networks now. It has a mission to change the way people share and communicate. 
"We wanted to bring the richness of real life into the software.We want the tool to Google more complete by giving you, the relationship and your interests in services, "the Google representative said. 
The new Google + points: 

An important part of the Google + Circle. Users can create "ring" to categorize and share information with certain groups. It's like dividing the group on Facebook, but the biggest difference is the Circle is not limited in a community, ie users can invite someone who is not a member of Google + into the Circle and he will update via e-mail message. 

Another feature is that Sparks contains news, videos, blog posts on the theme that the user created. This is unique about Google +. If the feed on Facebook, Tumblr updated by the Google people Sparks will automatically provide information based on the algorithm. View video 

Hangouts are the online space to support up to 10 person video chat. It does not require participants to be scheduled, timed as the previous chat that people can spontaneously "out on" free. 

A small improvement but is highly Instant Upload, lets post pictures from the phone quickly to Google + social networks.