Google Section Targeting, What is?

Google section targeting usually not many bloggers use. Also there is no doubt due to the fact that most of the blog owner did not even know what section targeting. If you want to make money online with Google AdSense section targeting is something you need to understand and should be used. 

What is Section Targeting? 
Wonder when you see Google display AdSense ads not related to the content on his blog does not? This majority is caused by content on your blog is not intended for the keywords you want. This is especially true for the blog because the posts can wander from topic to topic kia.Google will
try my best to point out what is the overall theme of the blog and provide information to the the most relevant ads are displayed. However, you can still help Google by targeting content to the section, paragraph, or a certain period (section targeting) on ​​your blog. 

Section targeting allows you to identify parts, or the most important section of the article to AdSense emphasis or focus on that when selecting ads for your blog. In other words is, instead of Google to read the content of the page to select the ad, you give Google a part, section or segment of content that need to target and which to ignore. 

Using Section Targeting like? 

HTML Tag after what helps Google AdSense direction under section: 


This is the text I want Google to use when selecting my ad for GBV. All the keywords and the words will be in this direction and I will focus for the subject, that is: make money online, kkiem money from blog to blog, money, etc.. 


In the example above, Google will use the text I specified to guide the AdSense ads and ignore the rest of the article. This is how the site implement section targeting. But I found an easier way, is to use weight = ignore tag to tell Google not to read anything. 

Dug by using tag <!-Google_ad_section_start (weight = ignore) -> on the part of the site that I want Google to ignore, I can keep the AdSense ads are driven to the blog owner. Look on your blog pages to see which ads unrelated to what you write? Advertising deviate content is written by only a small part caused. By adding the weight = ignore such a tag, Google will ignore it and use the period specified in the article to direct the ad. Here's how to put Google back on target. 

Tag weight = ignore allows me to write rambling to anything I want and still keep the Google ads directed to the main topic on his blog to make money online. If you want more money from your blog, you should use section targeting.