Google figures

Google has become huge! Here are a series of numbers that can be aware of the meteoric rise of Google since its inception in 1998 ... This article was updated on 15/07/2011.

91% of French people use against Google (only) ~ 60% in the U.S. 

100 + official blogs 
probably hundreds of billions of indexed documents (not including the images and messages to UseNet billion indexed in Google Groups since 1981) 
2.5 billion queries per day on all Google sites (number 2009)
the Google search interface is available in over 112 languages 
+ 1 billion unique visitors per month on all Google sites (one billion was reached for the first time in May 2011) 
2 billion videos viewed daily on YouTube (September 2010 figures (source); 1 billion in October 2009 and 100 million in September 2007) 
2 billion video views are monetized every week on YouTube, but this service is not yet profitable ... soon? (Figures in September 2010, 1 billion in October 2009) 
160 million videos viewed daily on YouTube Mobile. 
there are about 30,000 requests per second on all the Google sites in the world, 2.5 billion per day or 77 billion per month (figures 2009) 
Queries made from a mobile phone increased by 30% over the previous quarter (October 2009 figures) 
about 4 billion calls a day for Google API (sixty API). May 2009 figures (source). 
about 2 million businesses use Google Apps, totaling approximately 20 million active users worldwide (October 2009 figures: source) 
Google News generates one billion monthly visits to the sites included in the engine of news and additional 3 billion via traditional web search (November 2009 figures, source) 
The board of DoubleClick Google displays 45 billion ads per day (September 2010 figures, source) 
Google Chrome has 70 million users two years after its inception (September 2010 figures, source) 
In 2010, Google could have generated $ 1 billion in mobile advertising (including governance Admob) (source) 
2 weeks after its release, Google had 10 million more members who were conducting a billion shares a day (assuming this includes all publications, comments, shares) 
Google employees 

28,768 employees (to 30/06/2011; source). 6000 could be hired in 2011, including 1000 in Europe 
1 200 employees millionaires through stock options, including 500 in tens of millions and hundreds of millions in 80 
the Board of Directors consists of 10 directors, including 3 part of Google: Dr. Eric Schmidt (Google Inc.), Sergey Brin (Google Inc.). Larry Page (Google Inc.). John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers ), Ram Shriram (Sherpalo), John Hennessy (Stanford University), Arthur Levinson (Genentech), Paul Otellini (Intel), Shirley M. Tilghman (Princeton University), Ann Mather 

Recruitment in Google: 

in 2006, over 3,500 CVs were received and processed 400 frames per day dedicated to the recruitment 
Google has developed software to manage CV 
to 30/09/2007, a third of the 15,916 employees had been recruited in the last 9 months 
we must speak at least 3 languages 
average: 9 interviews, and up to 20 for sensitive posts 

Working conditions in Google: 

2000 bikes available to Google employees in Europe, Africa and the Middle East 
1 day a week is left to each employee to develop his own ideas (that's born Gmail or Orkut) 
14 biological and restaurants are available free at Google headquarters in Mountain View (the address is the Googleplex 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043) 
approximately $ 85,000 per year for a programmer 
Retirement Savings 
a current pool, a creche for children at the Googleplex 
very good mutual 
30 kinds of cereal for breakfast 
Headquarters: meals on wheels for employees on maternity leave 
paid leave: 3 weeks (15 days) after the first year, 4 weeks (20 days) from the fourth year, 5 weeks (25 days) from the 6th year 
WiFi with free shuttles between the Googleplex and San Francisco 
massages, laundry, on-site doctor and banker ... 
premium co-option of $ 2,000 (if the godson is at least 60 days at Google) 
Google's financial results 

Updated figures from the results of Q2 2011: 

$ 39.1 billion cash 
$ 170.45 billion market capitalization for GOOG to 15/07/2011 
In the above, the GOOG share price has increased by 8 3 years (introduced at $ 85 on 19/08/2004) 
In late 2007, Google ranked number 5 in the ranking of the largest market capitalizations in the U.S., behind Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Microsoft and AT & T. 
Advertising and Google 

Google is the No. 1 online advertising 

advertising represents ~ 97% of revenue Google 
Google AdWords advertisers manages 400,000 (2006 figures) 
55,000 AdSense affiliates in Europe (2006 figures) 
1 million affiliated with AdSense in the world (October 2009 figures) 
Google pays 68% of revenues to its affiliates for AdSense for Content, and 51% for AdSense for Search (source: AdSense payout percentage) 
The largest AdWords customers around the world (annual expenditure in EUR million, 2006 figures): 
eBay: 180 
Weight: 162 
Expedia: 90 
Lastminute: 9 

Googleplex, the headquarters of Google and other offices 

90% of 9212 solar panels provided by the project Google Solar Panels are installed and cover the roof of the headquarters of Google (the largest private fleet of solar panels in the United States). The aim is to produce 1600 kilowatts per day, representing about 30% of the consumption of the Googleplex offices, and the equivalent of about 1000 houses in California. 
Google is named Gogol is the number 10 to the 100 
Google has 21 offices in 11 countries 
Photo of solar panels at the Googleplex: 

Google's technical infrastructure: 

Google has about 2 million computers in more than 60 data centers (server farms) around the planet (no one knows the exact figures, the estimated completion date 2008). This is the largest global computer network. 
850 terabytes required to store all cached Web pages indexed by Google (September 2006) 
$ 835 million investment in 2005 
computing power of 600 teraflops: 10 times Columbia, the most powerful computer at NASA (2006 figures)