Google Fast Flip

Google has launched Google Labs in his laboratory a new application for Google News, called Fast Flip (because the tool can quickly flip through the press). Google Fast Flip changes the classic view of Google News by collecting screen shots of articles from the press line indexed by Google. We can of course zoom in
on each thumbnail and browse through the results ... 

Features of Google Fast Flip 

Fast Flip retrieves items published by our partners (forty to launch the tool), creates screenshots and indexes them for future reference. Users can browse these catches, zoom, search, etc.. 

By default, items are grouped into several predefined categories, but the user can just as easily search by keywords. 

Admittedly, it's pretty significant and you can browse the headlines and their articles at the time, very fluid. Once you chose an item and it displays the full-page, one can move to the next or previous by clicking on arrows or, even better, using the arrows on the good old keyboard. 

A button "Like" used to tell FastFlip we appreciate the article and we wish to consult others on the same theme. This feature is only available to those who are connected with a Google Account. 

You can browse all the articles written by an author or published by an editor. 
It can also send the address of the article to a friend. 
Fast Flip on advertising revenue 

The questions we might ask: 

When you zoom a thumbnail, you can read the original article with no problem. While it is not necessarily in full but you can read a lot, unlike the classic view of a small snippet in Google News. Since the ads provided by the magazine that publishes the article are not displayed in Fast Flip, this system will not it worsen the relations of Google News with the press? 
Indeed we see a nice ad in the right side: I read that Google plans to donate a portion of the revenues with the publisher of the article, but for now we do not know exactly how much. Will this be enough there to "save the press"? 

Video demonstration of Google Fast Flip