Google conquer the market SEO, SEM

Currently, the service providers to increase ranking on the search engines of the Website and implementing effective advertising campaigns on the Search Engine is a new competitor that is not new: it's Google. 

With the acquisition of DoubleClick, Google owns a large SEO company in the world. As well owning DoubleClick Performics Google has decided to keep Performics - suppliers of SEM and SEO services.
This has created concern for service providers SEM and SEO, the people must now "encounter" with Google, a key partner, as well as a rival "formidable". 

Said Lance Loveday, CEO of Closed Loop Marketing - a company specializing in SEO and SEM: "We are facing many challenges when competing with the service SEM / SEO Google." 

Within seven years, while Google is increasingly popular with advertisers as well as consumers, Google began to implement the business strategy more on SEO and SEM.Meanwhile, the business began to shift their product advertising on search engines, primarily Google, and realize that they need help from the company to design specialized SEM control and monitor the effectiveness of the campaign. Meanwhile, traders also recognize that increasing the rank for the company's website on the search engines when customers search for keywords related to their products is also important, and this is primarily elements they need the help of SEO service providers. 

Before Google bought DoubleClick, SEO and SEM companies is seen as service providers in addition to Google, but now that Performics is part of Google, things have changed. 

There is concern that Performics will get the inside information on the algorithms of Google Search Engine, which enables Performics to provide SEO services effectively than competitors. 

Furthermore, Google can also be developed for Performics SEM services with cheaper, can be free to compete with the other SEM services. This makes good relationship so long between Google and the SEO service providers and SEM soured. However, this is not necessarily a signal is really good for Google, because the other SEM providers are still very big impact for their customers. 

According to the company VietSEO little SEO will be in separate parts of search engines, such as applicable knowledge of Google algorithms to optimize website for search engines to customers via the Website Google's SEO company, then the technique will be caught out and the Webmaster will grasp quickly. Google does not sacrifice anything stupid, but that its algorithms have interests to protect for years because of small profit from the SEO company (with profits from online advertising.) Is there benefits of the acquisition of the company SEO company will have more revenue from an array of SEO, SEM, thanks to well-known brand, the other companies SEO, SEM will help the search engine algorithms to understand the trick SEO, SEM.