Google challenges with social network Facebook Google +

The purpose of Google + is reshaping the way people communicate with each other, allowing users to create small groups, called "Circle" (circle), which allows members to join the group to share information content or
video chat with each other ... You can invite other people who want to join the group. 
Drag and drop to invite friends to join the "Circle" 

"Connecting with others is the need of man. We've done it anywhere in real life, but the online tools now we are very rigid "- Vic Gandora said -" With Google +, Google tries to put the same work and the richness of real life into the online software. " 

Similar features News Feed (update) the Facebook, Google + offers users a notice with the latest news updates from your friends. The content sharing, comments, pictures ... will be updated directly. Users can also set the security mode that allows itself to other people can see your personal information or not. 

Google + can also be controlled via a toolbar appear on the Google services (like Gmail, Google Docs ...). Based on the toolbar, users can access Google + quick on his profile to check the update notification or direct sharing of content you want with your friends on Google +. 
+ Google Toolbar on Google services 

One of the features useful communication on Google + is "Hangouts," energy storage allows video chatting in groups, in which up to 10 people can participate in chat pictures together as a conversation really. 
Group Chat on Google video + with Hangouts 

An important feature of Google + that is compatible with mobile platforms. Since the test launch, a Google + applications on the Android platform has also appeared on the Android application store, and expected a similar application for IOS will also appear. 

Google + on the mobile platform is equipped with more features "Huddle" (The attention), that allows to send messages in groups, as well as automatically upload images and video that users take on the smartphone to a particular album + private on Google. Users can then access those files from the computer, and may decide to share them or not. 
Features "consultation" Huddle Google + mobile platform 

Currently, Google + still are limited experimental condition and users only lucky to get Google's invitation. You can access the web page of Google + in wire bonders can leave information and hope to become the lucky participants in Google +. 

With the advent of Google +, the technology experts that, this is really a serious competitor of Facebook. If Facebook has 700 million members, with the majority of users of Google, if truly successful, Google + will have little difficulty to overcome Facebook. 

Discover the key features of Google + through the following video series: