Google and war "Antitrust"

It seems that the influence Google's rapid rise has caused opponents and the government feel threatened. There have been many antitrust investigations to harass the Google history. Here are some typical cases. 

On 24 / 6 last, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has officially launched the survey on the business of Google, to clarify the charges exclusive of "the search giant "This. 
However, this is not the first time Google faced with allegations related to this issue.Look at the "long record"
of the giants of search in the issues related to antitrust in recent years. 
The acquisition of online advertising firm DoubleClick is approved (12/2007) 
The first prominent case involved antitrust behavior that Google faces is debate about how much the slope to 3.1 billion acquisition of online ad service DoubleClick. 

Double Click acquisition opens a new stage for the difficult by Google 
Despite receiving several complaints from the fierce competition and from privacy advocates, the FTC has approved the merger in December 2007 after eight months to consider all acts that may have look to antitrust. FTC had announced that, at that time did not have a direct competitor in any market that are relevant. 
A few months later in 2007, the last obstacle is the European Commission (EC) also approved the merger approved. 
Failure to seek cooperation between Google and Yahoo (11/2008) 
This time, Google was unlucky in most cases related to antitrust acts. 
A cooperative project proposed search-advertising that the company planned to cooperate with Yahoo in late 2008, under which Yahoo will place Google ads on some Yahoo search results, and the two companies will revenue sharing. 
Google ended the partnership amid doubts raised a fraud from the antitrust inspectors of the Ministry of Justice, when there are allegations that the agreement goes against the benefits of competition brought to customers. 

Main Microsoft "traumatic stress disorder" business partnership between Google and Yahoo 
The other objection, of course, come from competitors like Microsoft, as well as business associations and national advertising. 
The collapse of the agreement as a further blow to Internet pioneer Yahoo, which is still struggling financially struggling and just received a takeover attempt from Microsoft unfriendly. 
Agreement on Google Books (from 7 / 2009 and until now) 
In 2009, Google is also getting better not move from the U.S. Justice Department about the company is conducting an agreement with publishers for the privilege of distributing digital books on a certain number of books. 
In May 7 / 2009, Department of Justice was conducting a formal investigation into the deal, citing concerns about anticompetitive behavior. 
Initially rejected the first proposal of the agreement and then voiced concern that the amendment of the agreement still raises doubts about the antitrust acts. 
Finally, the agreement was kept in limbo in the eyes of Microsoft happy, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and a coalition called the Alliance Open Book, alliance specializes in publishing books. By March this year, an official agreement was rejected by Federal courts in New York. 
EU opens investigation into search rankings, Microsoft made a complaint (2 / 1010 to present) 
Monthly 2 / 2010, European authorities have conducted an investigation of how Google ranks search results and advertising after a complaint by the European enterprise as Foundem - professional web page on price comparisons, and Ciao - price comparison website by Microsoft. 
These enterprises - namely Foundem - have complained for a long time that Google has imposed their site in the search result below competitiveness of their capital. Since the allegations led to an official survey in May 11/2010. 

Microsoft continues to cause difficulties to Google on the European market 
Subsequently, in March last, Microsoft has officially filed a complaint with the European Commission (EC) alleges that Google has no fair competition in the European market by cheating the search algorithm their classification of their products higher than rival products, and impede access to YouTube content, making it more difficult to replace the other video search engine. 
The EC is investigating allegations of Microsoft before making a final decision. 
FTC "for the" acquisition AdMob (5 / 2010) 
May / 2010, Google persuaded the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to give concern to antitrust acts in its acquisition of leading advertising AdMob mobile platform with 750 million USD. 

However, Google also received preferential treatment in acquisitions AdMob 
It is quite surprising that Apple became the "savior" of Google in the survey. Google has relied on advertising services on mobile platforms like Apple's iAd evidence that innovation in mobile advertising technology will not come from just one company, and gooogle see this as key to the refutation of its alleged monopoly. 
FTC finally approved Google's acquisition of AdMob. 
The acquisition of ITA is "green light" (4 / 2011) 
In April last, Google gain a foothold in the "race: ITA to acquire companies with $ 700 million. But thanks to Google's victory in the Justice Department has ignored some of the conditions specified as part of the agreement. 
The supervision of acquisitions AdMeld (6 / 2011) 
Unlike the concerns such as DoubleClick and AdMob, Google is now waiting to face the consideration of antitrust acts of the Ministry of Justice in its latest business-acquisition advertising Admeld for $ 400 million. 
However, there is not any movement from the U.S. Justice Department and FTC showed that the two will "hand" to investigate Google deal.