Google Adsense: Web, Blog advertising public for google?

There may be many reasons why a web page can display less targeted ads or ads than public service (PSA). Below is a list of the most common problems. Please note that we do not receive income from the clicks made on PSAs. The system of Adsense not crawl all the pages in your site.
- The collection of AdSense information takes time. If Google has not previously crawled your site, it can take up to 48 hours or so before the collection of information by collecting internal AdSense content from that page. In the meantime, the ads you see may be public service ads or ads is less relevant. The relevance will increase over time.

Note: The information collected by Adsense will be indexed by URL and therefore considers the different URL and, Because the process of gathering information except that Adsense will access this URL, you may notice that ads appear different on your various Disclaimers
- The collection of AdSense information inaccessible to your website. If the information gathering process can not access your AdSense on your site, then AdSense will give you an error on your account.

- Your page can contain sensitive data that paid advertising will not be relevant display
AdSense system available filters to protect certain advertiser's AdSense ads on pages that can be understood as capable of a negative, not safe for the family or even offensive. Although the nature of your content can not fit any category in the number of these categories, sometimes focusing on a number of sensitive issues can be flagged on the server AdSense to show the PSA.

- Your account may be disapproved or awaiting review 
To determine the status of your application, try to log in at / adsense with your email address and password you submitted with application. 
If you see a message that says: Account Not Active: AdSense account does not exist for this login, as the account associated with the application is not approved.? If so, please email your search to find a notice of refusal or notice that the AdSense account closure has sent you for more information. 
If you sign up for AdSense through another website, such as Blogger, you can display ads even when your application has not been reviewed or denied. 
If you see a message that the Account Not Active: AdSense account does not exist for this login, as your application is being considered.? If so, please wait 2-3 days until AdSense consider your application and send you feedback. Sometimes from one week to one month .... 
If you see a message or other form, search your email to notify a refusal that AdSense has sent you for more information. 
If you can successfully log into your account, then review the status of your account for PSA will not appear.
- Your site has restricted access by robots.txt exclusion 
If your site is using the robots.txt file, then the AdSense information gathering can be blocked to crawl your web pages. Therefore, AdSense can not deliver you the most relevant ads based on the content of your site. On the page that AdSense can not crawl or can not understand the page content, public service ads may be shown. 

If you want to give the information collection of AdSense access your pages, you can do so without granting permission to any other robot. Just add two lines to the top of your robots.txt file:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google * 

This change will allow the AdSense robots crawl the content of your site and provide you with relevant Google ads for your pages. 

For more information on the robots protocol, you see: 

- Your site is using session IDs in URL 
If your site uses session IDs, you can not receive targeted ads on those pages. For the session ID - and therefore the URL - changes every time another user page, the URL will be included in the index and will be queued to be crawled. However, when the URL is crawled, the session will very likely end. This means that the pages that users have never seen in the index. You will need to delete the session ID to display targeted ads. 

- Your page is using frames (Frame) 
Crawlers can not believe Google AdSense matches ads to the page content when the AdSense ad code is placed in separate frames with the main content of your site. It is important to place the ad code in the same frame with the contents of the site to deliver targeted advertising content to your web page. 

- Your ad unit is set to only show image ads 
Inventory of image ads for your content may be limited at the moment and if you choose not to display text ads in an ad unit, then AdSense will display in the single PSA not available when you advertise any related photos. To avoid showing PSA, AdSense recommend that you update your preferences to display both text ads and image ads or implementing an ad instead. 

- Your site may not be enough content. 
Can not have enough information on your site to gather information of the AdSense determine the content of your pages. Therefore, AdSense can be difficult to determine relevant ads to display on your pages. Please note that the information collected by AdSense can not find meaning from: 

* Audio and video files (. Wma,. Mpeg,. Mov) 
* Mp3 files (. Mp3) 
* Images (. Jpeg,. Bmp) 
* Macromedia Flash Movies 
* Java Applets 

In such cases, AdSense recommend adding content to the file on your web site to support the collection of information of AdSense in gathering information on your web page to display relevant ads. 

- Your site content does not comply with the AdSense program policies. 
Maybe your site's content does not comply with the AdSense program policies. PSA web page will be displayed instead of the ads if Google's AdSense system found something in your web page that can be understood as capable of a negative, not safe for families or even offensive. Two common policy violations trigger PSA is adult content and content-sensitive. 

- AdSense code was placed inside the IFRAME. 
Technology targeting of AdSense is not optimized to serve ads within a separate IFRAME. If you put AdSense code in a separate IFRAME, then your site may display less targeted ads or PSA more. For better results, please implement the AdSense ad code directly into your web page's source. When you make these changes, can take up to 48 hours or more before the ads that appear. 

- Does your site require login. 
At this point, the information collected by AdSense can not access the pages that require login, so that AdSense can not determine the content of these pages and provide relevant ads. However, if you want to view relevant advertising on sites protected by login, you may be able to collect the information of AdSense access to the site is protected by login . 

- There are too many URLs added to the filter list to your account. 
Sometimes, if you add too many URLs to your filter list, we can no longer be available to other advertisers to target your content anymore. The result is that you can begin to see less ads more relevant or public service ads on your site. 

- The contents of your site mainly language is not supported. 
If the AdSense code is placed on pages with content primarily in a language not supported, it can display AdSense ads or public service ads in another language. As noted in the AdSense program policies, publishers may not display ads on pages with content primarily in a language not supported, so please remove the ad code from these pages when AdSense can support your language. 

- Your ad code has been modified 
If the AdSense code was modified by manually, such as to change the width or height of the ad unit or the publisher ID, then AdSense can display public service ads. Please select the desired ad format on the AdSense Setup tab of your account and then paste the generated ad code, unedited, onto your pages. Remember that you are not allowed to modify the code in the AdSense program policies. 

- Your page contains a tag refresh. 
If your page title tag contains the refresh (), this can also lead to your page displaying PSA. Removing this tag can help ensure that you receive targeted ads. If none of the above reasons apply to your site and your pages still display advertising services, please review the AdSense PSA debugger to troubleshoot.