Google Adsense Secrets Revealed - Pats 8 Traffic Generation – Video Marketing

Video is becoming increasingly more important to cyber citizens, and essentially to online business owners, and even to AdSense site owners. You can drive traffic to your sites with the use of video and free video websites. Everybody loves video. Even Google now offers video ads for AdSense.
Sites like Google Video, You Tube, and Yahoo Video get tons of traffic every single day, and you can easily take advantage of that. You have two options for creating video. You can use a digital video camera, or you can use screen capture video software. 

With a digital video camera, you can make a video of basically anything, and then upload that video to your computer, and then to the video websites. With screen capture video software, you don’t need a camera. You can just make a video of what is appearing on your computer screen. 
For instance, if you have a website that reviews software, for which you earn AdSense revenue and affiliate revenue from software sales, you could purchase the software, and make a video that shows people how to use it. Videos such as these are in high demand. Just make sure that the video that you produce is relevant to the topic of your website.
Once you have a video, you want to be sure that it is of high quality. It should sound right and look right, and you may want to try it out on different computers to make sure that it is as good as you can get it. You do not want to present a video to the public that doesn’t have good quality, because this is a bad reflection on you.
Next, sign up for a free account at the three popular video sites, and upload your video. Create a profile, and of course include your website address in that profile. You can also use software to watermark your URL on your video, so that while it is being viewed, the URL remains in plain site. When you write descriptions for your videos, be sure to include your keywords, and your URL.
There is another way that you can use video, without creating it. Again, visit the video websites, and find video that is already there, which relates to your site. It’s there and free for you to use. Start the video, and look for a button near it that says ‘embed.’ You will be given code. Paste that code on your webpage where you want the video to appear.
Now, make sure that you put a description of the video, again using your keywords, above the video. Your AdSense ads will be served focused on the keywords in that description. Make sure you list this page with the search engines as well.
This is not duplicate content, as long as you write your own unique description. The search engine spiders can see that there is a video there, but they can’t watch the video. 
They will pay more attention to the description that you write. This is a great way to fill up a site with content, in a very short amount of time, without having to write very much. Just simply make your site video based, or a combination of text and video or audio. 
Even though the video is available elsewhere, people will still come to your site to view it. Hopefully, while they are there, they will click on some ads! You can use audio in the same way, again ensuring that you write a textual description of the audio file. This may get you even more clicks, because there is nothing to