Google Adsense Secrets Revealed - Pats 3 I Have My Account – Now What?

Now that you’ve been approved for a Google Account, by building a site that Google would easily approve, and you’ve selected a high paying topic for your site, you are ready to get to work and build your first profitable AdSense website. 
If you have not already done so (you should have), you really need to go and read the program policies that Google has set, as well as their Webmaster Guidelines. 

This will help you to build a better site, and to avoid issues that can and will get you banned from the Google AdSense program.
Your site should be full of content that uses your keywords. A keyword density of between 2 and 3% is great. This means that your keyword should be used approximately 2 to 3% of the time in your content. So, for a page that has 600 words of content, the keyword would appear twelve to eighteen times (600 x 2% 600 x 3%). 

There is more to it than targeting keywords. The content must be accurate. It must be readable and understandable by visitors – and most importantly: 

“It Must Be Unique!” 
You should use all of the search engine optimization techniques as possible when building your site. Not only will this attract the right ads, but it will also help your site to move up in the search results, for the purpose of driving traffic to your site. 
You want your site to look nice, to be informative, and to load fast. You want it to attract the right ads. You do not want anything on your pages that will irritate your visitor, such as blinking, blinding text or music.

Make it a site that you would want to visit, and then ask an uninterested party, such as your neighbor (not your best friend or your mother) if it is a site that they would want to visit, if they were interested in the topic. 
Now, you are ready to place the AdSense javascript code on your pages. Log in to your AdSense account. Click on the AdSense Set up tab at the top of the page. 
First, click on Channels, and set up a Channel for the topic of your site. This will come in handy later on, when you are analyzing which of your sites is pulling in the most money.Next, click on palettes, and create a color palette that matches your site well. You want your Google ads to blend into your site. If they stand out like a sore thumb, they will get fewer clicks, simply because people really do try to avoid advertisements.
You want the ads to look like content on your site. Once you’ve set up a palette that matches your site, click on products. Choose AdSense for content to create your ad units.

Here, you can choose ads that are enclosed in a box, or ads that are more free standing, but still just text links. It is a good idea to choose the link unit to add above or below your navigational links, and you can design your site navigation links to look just like the Google link units.

You can use the ad units (boxed in) on other sections of your site. Those who have been in the Google AdSense game for a while have done years worth of testing on the topic of ad unit placement. Ideally, you will use ‘text ads only’ as your setting. Note that Google has limits as to how many Google ads can be used on your page, please check with the TOS.As you can see, it is fairly easy enough setting things up, but it takes a lot more thought and effort than that. What you must remember is that you often only make a few cents when someone clicks an ad. Each click can pay as little as one cent, but I have seen amounts up to three dollars.

The most successful AdSense publishers are targeting keywords that pay the most amount of money. These AdSense publishers use a variety of tools to find out what the high paying keywords are. These tools include keyword research tools, such as Word Tracker and Keyword Elite. 
They spend a great deal of time researching those keywords, finding out what the top keywords are, in terms of number of people searching for them, and what word combinations are being used. These are words and phrases that they will target in the content of their sites. 

Next, they determine which of those top keywords topics pay the most money per click. Those who have been in the AdSense “game” for a while are not going to build sites that target keywords that only pay one cent per click!

These AdSense publishers use the tools that Google provides to help determine which keywords are paying the most to the publishers. Unfortunately, you won’t find these tools inside your Google AdSense account. No, You need a Google AdWords account for this - You see, Google has two programs that work together: Google AdSense and Google AdWords. Business owners use Google AdWords to promote their products and websites and it’s those ads that are shown on your Google AdSense ads. The business owner pays Google for each click generated on your website, and Google pays you for the service. 
It’s free to create a Google AdWords account. Once created, You just get in there and start using the tools that are there to see how much bids are for the keywords that you’ve discovered using keyword selection tools such as Word Tracker and Keyword Elite.
By doing this, you have access to the same information that the people who are paying for ads has, and this helps you to build more profitable AdSense websites.
This is a nice trick that Google won’t tell you about, and that most AdSense publishers won’t care to share it with you. Having a Google AdWords account is the key to finding out which keywords are going to pay you the most amount of money per click.

Choosing the right high paying keywords, however, isn’t everything; You need traffic – and lots of it, simply because low traffic sites will NOT make you a full- time living. This is why most publishers have more than one website.They find the top keywords in terms of number of searches, figure out the keywords from that list that pay the most amount of money per click, and then build sites, lots of sites...
A successful AdSense publisher may have sites on topics such as fishing, weight loss, video games, making money, and many more. When you have multiple sites, you can make a nice living with a mid level amount of traffic to each site.If you have tens of sites, like I have, you can make a living even with low traffic. So, here is some food for thought: The more traffic you have per site, the fewer sites you will need to earn a living fromAdSense. “You need to decide on which path to go: Quantity or Quality?”